In today’s business world, hackers continually look for ways to go through the walls we build around our data. Small businesses often make easier targets, and account for a large percentage of digital security breaches. Below are four signs your company’s data is at risk.

1. Outdated Software and Unprotected Devices

To ensure your business stays protected from outsiders, first maintain your computers and data storage systems. Teams of hackers invent new viruses every day, but anti-virus software engineers work hard to keep up with them. Keep your anti-virus software, operating system and browser up to date. Each new update eliminates potential threats.

Make sure you protect all internet-capable devices. Any device that communicates data over the Internet can be utilized by a hacker. To ensure your most important data stays secure, you may need to set up two completely separate internet servers. One server would be dedicated to ancillary devices, and one to data storage hubs.

2. Unconcerned Employees

Educating your staff greatly decreases your potential for digital security threats. Over seventy percent of employees leave their computers unattended and unlocked during the day. By doing so, they leave open access for anyone who comes along. Even the least experienced hacker can implant a virus and access the information stored on connected devices.

Strong passwords also help decrease the threat of a security breach. Although one of the easiest methods of prevention, creating strong passwords is often overlooked, or seen as bothersome. A good password should be completely different from any previous passwords, and contain more than eight letters or characters. If possible, utilize upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to create a password that only you will remember.

3. Data Storage in Only One Location

Frequent backups should be part of your data storage routine. The regularity in which you transmit data is determined by the type and amount of business data you accumulate. Some businesses back up nightly, whereas others only back up once a week, or monthly. Make sure your back up server is located off-site in a secure location.

4. Neglecting Security

Many corporations allow hackers access by focusing on issues they deem more critical to business operations. Research several managed service providers to make sure your business doesn’t follow their lead. Providers of IT services in Ottawa and elsewhere will analyze the business plan and offer affordable solutions, such as anti-spam software, firewall protection services, desktop support services, system administration, and server support systems. Shopping for these items on your own is often overwhelming and results in gaps of security coverage.

Digital security is the name of the game for modern businesses, so don’t get left behind in the realm of unsecured connections. Protect your business, employees, and clients with up-to-date security measures.

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