As more people have begun using the internet on a daily basis, they have become more sophisticated about online advertising. The time of putting a banner ad up on a website and generating sales from it is largely over. Instead, customers, these days expect to be given valuable, informative content by businesses. This approach, known as content marketing, is the best way to connect and engage with a modern, tech-savvy audience of potential buyers. Here are four of the top platforms you need to be using for your business’s content marketing.

A Blog on Your Own Website
Successful content marketing starts with blogging on your own site. The reason that this should be the foundation of your other marketing efforts is that it gives you a chance to establish your site, as well as your business, as an authority in a specific niche. Blogging also helps with search engine rankings, meaning that more people will find your site via Google and Bing searches. This, in turn, will lead to more traffic and more sales. Be sure to post new blog content at least once per week, as search engines tend to reward consistent posting of new material.

Medium is a little-known but extremely effective platform for marketing with written content. Like your own blog, this site can host guides, articles and other written materials that will give customers valuable information and highlight your product or service as a solution to their needs. Unlike your own blog, however, Medium is a massive content platform with huge numbers of readers ready to see what you’ve written. These readers have a broad range of interests, meaning that, no matter what you’re selling, there’s probably an audience for it on Medium. Be sure to provide high-quality content with plenty of useful information, then add a link to your product or service somewhere within your article. This will help to guide organic traffic through to your site without making it look overly promotional.

Another little-known platform like Medium is Crunchbase. There, businesses, like Vasayo, can post up their full profile so that consumers can view everything they need to know about their company in a company area. Such sites are great for getting seen more on Google and driving a serious audience base that is actually interested in what you have to offer.

Despite being the largest video hosting site in the entire world, many business owners still aren’t using YouTube to market their enterprises. YouTube allows business owners and brands to speak directly to potential customers in an incredibly popular format. Using YouTube, businesses can easily generate traffic to their websites, build audiences for future marketing and demonstrate their products directly to people who need them. Direct sales businesses do especially well with YouTube marketing since they usually have the product readily on-hand and have enough expertise about it to discuss it in depth.

Though many businesses fail to recognize its potential, Instagram marketing has proven to be extremely effective over the last few years. The short, image-based nature of the posts makes it very different from other forms of content marketing. However, much like YouTube, audiences seem to engage very well with the visual content that is to be found on Instagram. With this platform, it is of key importance to post often and to build up a large viewer base over time. By building a regular audience, you can market to people who have engaged with your content in the past over and over again, giving you multiple chances to convert those people into sales.

If you want your business to succeed, content marketing needs to make up a large part of your overall promotional strategy. Beyond simply approaching it from a strategic point of view, you also need to be sure that you are creating quality content to represent your business. The more engaged people are with the content you create, the better it will perform and the more sales you’ll make.