Creating content has become one of the most important tasks in many click and mortar, online, and traditional businesses these days. If statistics are anything to go by, there are hundreds of millions of contents published on the internet each day.

From news articles and blog posts to images, videos, and social posts, the diversity of content being published in the online sphere has been building a wall of noise which makes it more challenging for businesses to reach their target audience. This gives rise to the concern of how companies can create engaging content that can cut through the digital noise effectively.

But what does make content ‘engaging’? Basically, engaging content is anything that provides something new to the reader – a new perspective, a new knowledge, new tips, and tricks, or new information that is entertaining. In other words, creating engaging content means taking into consideration of the goals you want to achieve through your content. Do you aim to inform or entertain? Do you want to raise brand awareness or increase conversion?

Knowing your goals on the next content is paramount, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. To better understand what it takes to create engaging content, here are the main key points from the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines, which details the six steps to follow to create engaging content:

  1. Focus on Current Trends.
  2. Write Stories that Appeal to Reader’s Emotions.
  3. Drive Engagement with Visual Elements. 
  4. Support Your Content with Facts and Links.
  5. Diversify Your Types of Content 
  6. Give Them Something to Takeaway.

To learn more, check the infographic below.

About the Author: 

Jomer B. Gregorio is a specialist and professional in integrated digital marketing and holistic SEO. He is the founder of CJG Digital Marketing and  Digital Marketing Philippines. If you need an effective and high-performing digital campaigns for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact him today!