As a boss or business owner, the last thing you want is employees dreading coming to work because they do not like the office. It is one thing to deal with the stress of a high-pressure business, but heaping on top of that lousy working conditions can lead to attrition. Here are tips to promote an atmosphere at the office that bolsters a sense of welcome and is conducive to productivity.

Get Reliable Office Equipment

Whether it is the state-of-the-art printer that can collate and bind at the press of a button or legacy fax machines that still see a lot of use in some industries, the office equipment needs to work well. This includes computer, tablets, phones and even an old three-hole punch. If it is in use in your business, it should work as designed. If not, get it fixed or replace it. Employee aggravation of poorly functioning office equipment is such an irritation that it has been used as a plot convention in comics and movies.

Offer Open and Cozy Work Spaces

Do not try to clutter every square foot of space with a piece of furniture, plant or decoration. Leave some open areas that do not feel cramped. Conversely, for those who like the den-like feel when working, provide work spaces that give the feeling of coziness in a smaller area. It is about meeting the needs for as many personality types as feasible. Some employees want to be in a cubicle behind a desk as it gives them a feeling of security while others want to be in an open area with no walls close by.

Comfortable Furniture

The office chair is by far the number one piece of furniture in an office. Each employee adjusts his or her own chair to be at that perfect sitting height they like, and whether or not they want it to recline or stay upright. Some companies, like D&R Office Works, Inc., know that the big problem with many office chair options is substandard padding used in the seat. It quickly compresses in a short time and can lead to discomfort and fatigue that then leads to reduced productivity. Make sure you purchase all your office furniture from a highly rated supplier, especially when it comes to chairs. Cubicle systems, desks, filing cabinets, and more can vary greatly in quality. Take time to research the best furniture options for your office before committing to a purchase.

Office Lighting

A study of the effects of natural light in the workplace demonstrated that it is a benefit to light up interior office spaces with as much natural light as possible. Office lighting is so closely correlated with health and productivity that some European countries mandate that employees must be within 27 feet of a window. Natural light from windows and skylights is the best, but full-spectrum lighting can be used where natural light is not an option.

If you really want to make the office a place where employees actually look forward to going, offer a break room with comfortable seating and a variety of healthy food and beverage options. Do not skimp on the restroom facilities either. This should definitely be a place where privacy can be maintained in an environment that is exceptionally clean and adequate to support the number or employees present. Having restrooms separate from customer restrooms is a bonus. The bottom line is that employees who feel as comfortable as they would at home can be free to focus their work hours on being productive.