A business has a number of essential resources, including capital, location, and culture. When you drill down to the fundamentals of business, you’re still talking about people helping people. Ultimately, your capital, your locations, and your culture don’t add up to much without the people you employ to deliver on the promises you make to customers. If you’re an entrepreneur embarking on a startup, this is even more important because you probably lack in other resources. The right people are likely the most important resource a startup or any other business can have. That’s why it’s crucial that entrepreneurs and small business owners make sure they have a strong hiring practice in place to attract and hire the best people for the job.

To put it another way, it’s estimated that nearly 80 percent of employee turnover is caused not by an employee’s inability to do the job or the employee’s dissatisfaction with the job, but by a flawed hiring process that resulted in a poor fit among the organization, the job, and the employee. Still, many entrepreneurs neglect their hiring processes because their time is consumed by all their other responsibilities. Nevertheless, starting with a truly effective hiring process means less work for entrepreneurs down the line because they’ll have the right people filling the key positions they need to keep their businesses running smoothly.

An effective hiring process is more than having the right set of interview questions. It begins with creating a job posting that will help guarantee only the best candidates will apply. Then, it requires knowing not only how to vet those candidates, but also how to use the application process to filter out candidates who have no business applying for the position. It’s only after you have a crop of self-selected, ideal candidates that you can focus on the interview portion of the hiring process. The interview process should concentrate on giving applicants an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and how they will contribute to the organization. Building a successful startup or small business means having the best people. The following guide can provide you with some important tips for helping to ensure that your business’s hiring practices truly are bringing you the best people possible.

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Ron Emery is CEO and Founder of icrunchdata, the premier content platform for jobs and news in data science, technology, and analytics. He’s the visionary business leader for brand and product development. He loves to fly-fish, run and write in his spare time.


Creating a More Effective Hiring Process from icrunchdata
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