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Direct mail marketing is an effective method in itself. But just because a method is working doesn’t mean you should stop there. As the marketer, you shouldn’t feel satisfied with a good campaign. Always aim for better. So here are a few direct mail marketing combinations that could work in your favor. 

Print Print refers to different kinds of advertising: newspapers, magazines, brochures, et cetera. One of the easiest ways of combining or fusing your direct mail marketing campaign with your print campaign is by being consistent with the design and overall feel/tone. Use the same colors, the same font, the same tone and words. Be consistent. You can tailor your marketing strategy but when it comes to the actual output, don’t do drastic changes style-wise. Or if you will, make sure that there’s still a nice element that pulls them together. This way, you will become more memorable as a brand.

Radio Radio now offers a stronger and higher response rate as opposed to a few years back. This may sound striking since people think that radio doesn’t offer that much potential as a marketing tool. The secret to radio’s longevity is the fact that other forms of technology like cellphones and the Internet are now being used as ways in which listeners can contact their favorite radio stations. People can text their requests or email some photos they’ve snapped of their favorite disc jockeys. Tying up radio and direct mail is an effective way of combining two oldies but goodies in the marketing arena. When you want to aggressively market a new product or a promo, these two can work hand in hand to reach a wider audience in a specific area. The great thing about radio is that almost anybody can have access to a radio even if they don’t have an actual radio! Thanks to the Internet, even those from say, Southeast Asia can listen to Irish pop songs and hit charts from Brazil!

Internet Direct mail marketing is usually seen as an “old” approach so it’s only natural that you combine the Internet and direct mail into one organic marketing campaign. The possibilities are truly endless once you put the Internet into the mix. A lot of people/companies make use of the Internet as a means to receive feedback. You can simply print your email address or website at any part of your mail piece to let your reader decide. What’s more, you can send special coupons which they can avail if they log in to your website. This is especially helpful for companies who solely exist on Internet. Those without any physical store locations can greatly benefit from this kind of combined marketing approach.

About the Author  Marinelli Aribon’s interest in design and marketing began when she was tasked to create an advertising campaign for her family’s dog kenneling business. Since then, she’s been keen to share the most innovative ideas about the uses for print and mail services.

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