Many users swear by their Gmail account and since they graduated from their Hotmail account, they won’t dare think about using something else. Can it really be that good though? What about for businesses? Can it be as good as that behind an office desk?

Read on to find out some of the pros and cons of using Gmail in your Business.


It’s Easy to Setup

Whether or not you have a staff of incredibly talented computer whizzes or just everyday people, Gmail is quick and easy to setup. Not just that but, afterwards Gmail is extremely easy to teach your workers how to use. Having the same e-mail software throughout your entire business can be advantageous and it means you’ll spend less time teaching your workers how to use their e-mail.

You Can use Your Own Domain

Let’s say you’re running a chain of addiction rehab centers, you’ll want an e-mail address that applies to your business. With Gmail and Google Apps for business, you can have an e-mail address like “[email protected]” or something similar to it. This means that your business name can live on and you can still use the same sort of e-mail interface and support you’re used to with your own Gmail account.

It’s Safe – It’s From Google

If there’s anyone that knows how to keep things safe on the Internet, it’s Google. After all, services like Gmail and Google Apps for Business are their bread and butter. Gmail is far better at catching spam than rival services from say Microsoft or Apple. Overall, if you’re looking for something reliable and secure, Gmail is a good bet.

You Can Still Use Desktop E-Mail Programs with Gmail

If you were worried that your employees would be using a web browser all day to check their e-mail, you needn’t be. While your colleagues will be easily able to get into their e-mail from wherever they are, they can still use desktop programs. No matter if that’s Mac, PC or even Linux. All you need to do is fill in the right boxes and you can use your Gmail addresses from the Desktop, just like you used to.



Let’s face it, none of us really like ads do we? Google on the other hand, is the exception that proves the rule. They love ads. They love ads so much that Gmail was almost built for ads. While using Outlook Express or Mail will prevent you from seeing ads, logging in on the web will have ads all over the place. They’re often quite easy to ignore but, when they get a little out of hand it can be distracting and annoying.

It Uses Labels…

Those that are used to e-mail will note that many providers and pieces of software will use folders. Not Gmail, instead you have to work around Labels. Which can often lead to a more cluttered inbox in the long run. To move a label out of your general inbox you have to “archive” it, which often leads to people forgetting to deal with anything marked “important”.

Once You Delete Something, That’s It

With Gmail’s archiving system comes the sacrifice of the undelete button. If you delete something in Gmail, then that’s it, it’s gone for good. Of course, with the masses of storage available you shouldn’t need to but, there’s no way to get something back once you’ve deleted it from your inbox and emptied your trash folder.

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