While clutter can cause significant stress levels in women, men are embarrassed by it as it is showing a bad image to other coworkers, management, and clients. Sometimes, you simply cannot find anything you need and when you need it. Whichever gender you belong to, and whatever your reasons may be, the result is the same, your office needs decluttering.

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Show dedication

Decluttering has to happen all at once. This means that you need to dedicate the right portion of time to do just that. If you share your office with someone, make sure they also involved. The last thing you want to do is not be able to finalize the process because you are dealing with someone else’s belongings or you do not have the final say. Once your office is completely decluttered, you will make sure it stays that way.

Clear out your desk

The amount of things you can get on your workstation or on your desk is ridiculous. You usually start with papers and notebooks; then you add a pencil holder and an inbox, followed by a bobblehead toy and pictures of your children, with an addition of notes and post-its and your children’s drawings. In one sentence, you’ve got yourself a mess. All of this should be out. It is in your main visual field while you work and it stops you from focusing. If you do not have one, get a cork board and hang it on the wall in front of you. Use it to pin the photos and the drawings, notes, and post-its which are still of importance. Pile up the paperwork you need and shred or recycle the rest.

Clear out your shelves, drawers, and inbox

I actually found a perfect article about this. This part of the decluttering process is particularly difficult, and that is why you need to be as efficient as possible. Make sure you only keep the things you actually need and you need them in the office. Prioritize them and organize in such manner to have those things you most frequently use handy. 

Find a place for everything

If everything has its place, you will not be tempted to keep it out of it.  Use file boxes to organize your paperwork and keep it on the shelves. Instead of using the inbox on your desk, use wall file organizers. The inbox is the perfect place for putting things you do not know what to do with. Once you get the paperwork out of your drawers, or at least, well organized in some of them, you can use the empty space to store spare equipment and supplies.

Also, find a way of getting your cables under control as they are a constant tripping hazard.

Large clutter

Large-scale clutter means that you are using a part of your office as a dumping area. That’s the corner which holds an extra desk, some old computer towers, a broken printer which can be repaired, a coat hanger and some boxes. From this pile, you probably only need the printing paper (which is usually found here). You can easily sell the rest. Self storage units are a perfect solution if selling is not an option.

Add storage

Once you are done with these steps if you still find that you have too many things and your drawers are still hard to search through, add storage space.  You can get drawers which can fit below your desk, and you can add more shelves on your walls.

Use the vertical space. Install small shelves for your printers/scanners/fax machines instead of keeping them on your desk or a drawer unit, or even worse, another desk. If you mount them on a wall, somewhere above your computer, you can take out the extra desk, or you can put the drawer unit underneath your desk.

Use any nooks in the office to make a built-in cabinet.

Once you have decluttered, found and made space for everything in your office, it will be easier to keep it tidy. This will help you stay focused and better organized while you work.

About the Author: 

David Koller is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.