According to the estimates, acquiring a new customer costs between four and ten times more than keeping an existing one. In order for your customers to move up the ladder from one-off purchasers to brand advocates, marketing techniques created to attract them are crucial in any business. This implies using both digital and traditional marketing.

Attract customers with content marketing

BrightLocal released their annual Local Consumer Review Survey in 2014, indicating that 88% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business. This percentage is growing a year after year. On the other hand, Minewhat  showed that 60% of buyers start their research on the search engine rather than visiting a physical store.

This is where you come on the scene with informational articles. Your goal is to write the articles that meet the buyers’ needs. In this case, providing them with the content which can help them make an informed decision when purchasing.

Use the power of photos

Content marketing can make a difference in your marketing strategy only if you use it together with photos. The recent poll suggests that 60% of customers are more likely to consider purchasing something if a business includes photos. Use social media to post the images of your facility, your team and the ones that show you in action related to your business. The latter can show you helping people, such as caring for kids and seniors.

Organize promotional campaigns on social media

The promotional campaigns, including sweepstakes, giveaways and contests, discounts and other special offers promote your brand and increase the engagement. Consequently, more people become familiar with your company resulting in more customers. The end of the year holidays are knocking on our doors, so take the advantage of that with special holiday marketing ideas.

Advertise on vehicles

Certain types of businesses can attract new customers simply by driving a car. For example, you can opt for fleet vehicle graphics and vinyl graphics. Car decals, car magnets, vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps are all excellent options to increase your visibility. However, there are several things you should consider. First of all, hire an experienced vehicle graphic designer who will design the original version of the image. Secondly, think about durability: high-quality vehicle graphic design companies include weathering and durability testing in the price.

Create a winning window display

Start with a window display theme. Whether it is Halloween, Valentine day, or Christmas, it does not really matter. When you have chosen the theme, focus on the individual pieces. Mark eye level from the street using a tape. The best pieces your company can offer should be placed where the tape is. Use bold colors and shapes as they will certainly attract attention of every customer. Be creative and innovative instead of just cramming a window display with your products. Less is more in this case. Draw a customer in with window lighting. Avoid placing the lighting above a products, but opt for spotlights to highlight the best pieces.

Use a welcome mat

You want your customers to feel at home, so incorporate the homey atmosphere in the store. For the beginning, choose a unique custom-made welcome mat. If you are a florist, scatter flowers across the sidewalk to attract people. Or, simply use colored chalk to point to the direction to your shop.

Pay attention to your pop displays

Genesis pop displays suggest several things to consider when choosing a pop display for your store. Firstly, pay attention to the color. Make sure the color conveys your brand’s identity. On the other hand, contrast is extremely important in marketing. So, avoid pairing similar colors. If you want to include letters on your pop displays, think about their size. The bigger the better.

Do a presentation

Set up a table outside your store and do a presentation. The presentation can be about anything: from a flower arranging classes for florists to doing a DIY project for hardware suppliers. The key is showing your customers how useful your products are so that they would want to buy them. Give them a reason to buy something from your store.

To sum up, be unique in your marketing strategies. Do not go with a crowd. Find the one thing which makes your product stand apart and try to make it prominent as much as you can.