This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Knovio for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

One need that businesses of all sizes have in common in the digital era is this: great, engaging digital content. It’s key to creating awareness in your marketplace. It’s vital to sales. It’s important for engaging employees and recruits. The question is this: how do you create it with limited resources?

A cool service I recently tried that makes multimedia content creation simple for small business is Knovio. Knovio lets you turn ho-hum PowerPoint® slides into multimedia presentations. Your audience can access them anytime on-demand and easily share them with others through email and social media. You can also embed them in your website or blog.

Knovio has a free option, but I gave Knovio Pro a test drive. With Knovio Pro, you can:

  • Create unlimited presentations
  • Make them available 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Easily correct mistakes and flubs with a unique no-record capability
  • Share your multimedia content by email, website, or social media
  • Export hi-def 1080p video files

What makes Knovio so simple to use is that you can start with something familiar — a PowerPoint presentation — and animations are supported! With your slide deck ready, it’s just three easy steps to create your first Knovio: upload, record, publish! With Knovio Pro you also get access to a full library of customizable design templates.

So, what are some specific ways that a small business could use Knovio Pro? I’m so glad you asked!

Create Digital & Content Marketing Assets

As a digital marketing consultant, this was the first “a-ha” moment for me. What a great way for small business marketers and entrepreneurs to develop engaging audio visual content for social media marketing and content marketing campaigns. You can even publish your presentation to YouTube — and that’s important! As Search Engine Land points out, YouTube is the second largest search engine. You want — need — to be there!

Be More Consultative in Your Sales Efforts & Lead Nurturing

Another way your business can benefit from using Knovio Pro is by making it part of your sales process. Your marketing manager or sales reps can create brief explainer videos for various touches in the sales or lead nurturing process. A sales rep could create pre-recorded versions of his or her pitch to “leave behind” after a meeting — this can be especially effective if time in the meeting runs short or members of the decision-making committee aren’t able to attend. You can also use Knovio Pro presentations at a tradeshow booth or kiosk so that people can run through multimedia presentations when reps are busy with other customers or prospects.

Engage & Train Employees and Reach New Recruits

A third way I think business owners should consider using Knovio Pro is by empowering HR to create employee engagement content. Instead of the boring old company newsletter, create a fun company multimedia presentation. Develop a welcome and on-boarding presentation for new hires. Make engaging training videos (there’s an add-on service that lets you do quizzes and assessments) to help keep track of employee learning and improvement initiatives. There’s also the opportunity to create recruitment video presentations that you can share online and via email.

You may be thinking, all that’s great — but it’s just talk. Did you actually TRY the product yourself? Yes! I did.

My Knovio Pro Project

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a digital marketing consultant. I’ve been thinking about doing a webinar on the importance of storytelling in marketing. Instead of going the live webinar route, I’m using my Knovio Pro trial to create a recording to produce evergreen content that people can view again and again on my website and YouTube.

Here is just how easy it is to get started using Knovio.

1. Upload your beautiful PowerPoint presentation deck.

upload your PowerPoint slides

2. Let Knovio do the heavy lifting to format your slides for the system.

Knovio formats your file for you

3. Start recording your voice over — you can add a video of yourself, too. I was just testing the recording functionality here. When I do the real deal, I’ll get somewhere with better lighting or just opt to go with audio alone. Remember to use a microphone for good sound.

create video content for your marketing

4. Once you are done with your recording, click the blue “Publish” button on the screen where you did your recording. Now you are ready to share online via email, embed on your website, or social media.

share your Knovio recording online

5. But wait — there’s more. If you want to add an additional element of pizzazz, click the “Enhance” button (see on screenshot above). That gives you access to new templates, ability to add downloads and chapters, and more.

enhance your knovio presentation

I’m still working on my presentation to perfect the final draft, but I think Knovio Pro provides a lot of advantages that a simple PowerPoint presentation and live webinar may not. I’m definitely not knocking webinars — they have their place and provide interactivity with a live audience. However, I recommend creating a Knovio version as your webcast recording to provide interactivity to those who are viewing on-demand. I especially like the idea of adding chapters and downloads to the finished product.

What features seem most interesting to you? How would you use Knovio Pro for your marketing, sales, training, or recruiting projects? Give it a test drive for 14 days to figure it out – Try Knovio Pro!

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