Do you know someone who doesn’t have an email address? Hard to find, right! Textile, chemical, oil, aerospace, advertisement, consumer goods., name any industry, connecting with the right audience with appealing and effective content is always a key. Email marketing is the most effective channel when it’s done well. Email marketing is the most Powerful and influential way to reach your audience.

Now that most of the casual conversation is moved on to Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms; however, email is still at the top for business conversations and converting your educated onlookers into customers.

You receive hundreds of HTML emails every week; you ignore some, read some, get influenced by some and even look forward to some. It’s become a very big part of our day to day life.  It is the most economical, effective, quick and convenient way of educating the audience and capture their interest at the same time. It’s a vast medium to put your message in front of the large pool of people.

No one wants to be the part of deluge content which no one wants to open and read – which is just a waste of time and effort. As an email marketer, it’s your duty to stand out from the flocks, to design a campaign that people will pay attention to, get influenced with and actually appreciate.

Tactics To Create An Efficacious & Winning Deck Of Email Template For Your Email Marketing Campaign –

Grapple With Subject: Use a strong subject line, basic but at the same time an essential tip.  For Email marketing, your email should need to convince people that it is worth opening at the first place. You should catch people with an enticing subject line.

Personalisation Is The Way To Go: Email marketing works its best when it is tailored to customers’ need and action so that every communication is relevant to their interest. Personalize your email by segmenting your contact as per their location, time zones, behavior, habits, etc. 

Behaviour-Based Email: for example, I am purchasing some fashion accessories from an e-commerce website, added items in the cart and logged out without purchasing it., next day receive a message “Hey you have a product waiting for you in the cart, what happened? How can we help?“ OR “Hey the product waiting for you in the cart are on 20% discount today, grab your chance to win this exclusive offer”. There can be n number of permutations and combinations!

Do not bombard your customers with [email protected] or [email protected] ., personalized email address to send your emails.

Action Oriented (Call To Action): Give people opportunity to subscribe or unsubscribe your newsletters or emails, sign up, click through, visit the website, revert to you with any queries or comments or even direct buying. You can ask them for feedback or inform and invite them to an upcoming event or maybe a quick few liner survey. It’s a chance to speak directly to your audience so be personable and welcoming. But don’t ‘OVERPLAY’ with it.

Responsive Design: Your newsletter or email template might look horrible on mobile if it’s not responsive. Mobile represents the maximum percentage of email opening in comparison to desktop and webmail. It will not stop here, be careful about the different mobile devices screen sizes and maximum webmail users (could be outlook or Gmail). A Simple and professional design is the finest way to ensure that your email looks good on all devices.

Show Real Value To Your Subscribers: A perfect subject line with a valuable content is like a perfect icing on the cake. It’s not sufficient to simply say “Hey Look; we are here.”, I receive n number of emails; every sender wants me to check something, who has time to look everything until and unless it’s not worth it. If it is valuable, then I may look for it for the second time. Value comes in many forms – it could be information or article that is on traveling which is something of my interest, or maybe some video of traveling places or some tracking event details, exclusive offers or discount on my favorite brand. Or maybe an emotional value like Upwork does with a generalized message wishing community “Happy Labours Day Weekend!” Or for hurricane effected freelancer with a message “We at Upwork are thinking about those impacted by the recent hurricanes, flooding, and earthquake. Please know that if you live in an affected area and cannot respond to client invitations within your set “response time” we will proactively remove any negative score so that it does not impact your Up work reputation.”

Frequency: Do not bombard subscribers daily with your emails; maintain frequency like fortnightly, weekly or monthly. No one would like to get buzzed with the same thing every day, so just avoid it.

To The Point, Short And Interactive Representation: As a proverb says, that a picture tells a thousand words. Sometimes the pictorial way is a better way of communicating a message then a block of text. With Info graphs or pictures you can convey the message effectively, quickly and it creates an impact for longer than just making an impression on readers’ mind.  With interactive presentation use a short and sweet content instead of telling some irrelevant stories. The right combination of images and text make readers understand the message better.

Track, Analyze & Implement: With email marketing tool not that you can only shoot email but can also track the open rate, soft bounce rate, delivery and spam rate, which links were clicked, how many subscribed and unsubscribed. You can easily get a picture using email marketing metrics that how your email campaigns are performing. Monitor the performance, make amendment in the strategy accordingly and improve the efficiency.

Take Care Of Unsubscribes Too: No point of spamming inappropriate audience. Do yourself a favor, simply cut down not interested people from your contact list.

Look for ways to make your email campaign attractive. Interactive emails are an icebreaker from a patch of texts that brands typically expect subscribers to read.  Get a list of people who want to hear from you (but don’t be a spammer). Make sure that your strategies are updated so that your emails are getting delivered, responsive to the devices and passing through the noise.

About the Author: 

Abhilasha Shrivastava, Business Development Manager of Dhrup LLC, Liable for sales and marketing coordination of IT service needs in the market and help people optimizing their IT footprints. She is very passionate about her work and intent to share knowledge through blogs.