With the advent of social media and a multitude of messaging apps emerging all the time, some have wondered whether the days of email are numbered. Facts suggest otherwise, with something like 4 billion (give or take a few hundred million) email accounts worldwide and the vast majority of people still preferring to receive communication from brands by email over any other format.

The infographic below explains some of the facts and figures in more detail and explains why email is still the best way for businesses to engage with their customers:


As we can see, the humble email continues to thrive as the premier communications tool and has proven to be the most efficient way to generate awareness, build relationships and engage with your audience. Emails are also cheap and have a ROI of $44 for every $1 spent – higher than any other online marketing tool, including social media and SEO.

Here’s what a well-organized, personalized email program achieves for your business:

Reach – Where else can you send to a potential database of 4 billion accounts?
Subscribers – Most of the time, people sign up to your list because they want to hear from you
Conversion – Remember on ROI, no other medium beats the email. For engagement and establishing trust with the customer, email comes out on top too

Once you have segmented your list, emails will give you the ability to personalize communications with your customers by keeping the content relevant. You can do this by age, interest, and location among many other metrics.

The 45-year-old format, (yes emails have been going since 1971!) has plenty of life in it yet. In fact, people are spending more time in their inboxes than ever before, so it makes sense for your business to have a presence there too.

About the Author: 
ErikBullen is CEO of MageMail. He also mentors startups using programs such as Techstars and MassChallenge. He often geeks out and writes about e-commerce, innovation, emerging tech, leadership, and SaaS.

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