You’ve probably read a lot on how to find good full-time employees, but not as much information exists out there on how to find hourly employees, mainly because hourly employee hires don’t tend to be as long-term. Fortunately, there are some good places you can go when looking to recruit quality hourly employees, which we will go over here.

Staffing Firms

Contracting with a good staffing firm is an excellent way to find professional hourly employees, especially if you only require them on a seasonal or contract basis, but it’s also a good choice if you’re looking for permanent additions to your team. Different staffing firms have varying reputations, different payment structures and can specialize in different industries, so it’s important to do your research before signing a contract with one.

Reach Out to Universities

University outreach is a good method to recruiting employees overall and can be an excellent source of hourly employees as well. College students or recent graduates, whether they have an online masters in leadership or an accounting degree, are likely going to be cheaper hires and will be eager to prove themselves in their first jobs. The downside is that they might be more likely to leave if a better opportunity comes along, so you’re going to want to take the time to find a student seeking a role that is a good match for what your company does.

Consider Hiring Freelancers or Contractors

Contract employees or freelancers are a good alternative to hourly employees if you only require their services some of the time. Depending on the type of work you need done, this can be a considerably cheaper alternative to hiring part-time employees on a more permanent basis. For example, you might need a marketer, but it might make more sense for your business to hire an outside marketing firm or individual to work with rather than hire one yourselves and the costs that incur. Hiring Telecommuters may also be a useful way to manage things in a small business setting.

Online Resources

LinkedIn or job boards specifically geared towards your profession are often your best bet, although you can find professional hourly employees on sites like Craigslist, Monster and Indeed as well. LinkedIn, in particular, is where most serious professionals spend their time, and it’s a great way to take a look at various job seekers’ backgrounds and reach out to them if their resumes seem like a good match.

Finding hourly employees is a lot like finding full-time salaried employees, although there are some important differences to be aware of. By looking in the places mentioned above, you should have a bit more luck finding quality hourly employees who will fit the needs of your business.

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