Lead generation and lead conversion applications have become a vital component of customer relationship management strategy. Nowadays, companies are also partnering with reputation management services to help improve their online presence. These services enhance positive content, improve reviews, and work with search engines like Google to increase the companies ranking.

The success of a business is marked by the ability to track and generate leads. Mobile customer relationship management software help enterprises to customize their sales pipeline CRM, manage deals, log calls, and send bulk emails, etc. It has changed the way enterprises run their businesses.

There are many ways through which companies can use mobile applications to generate leads. Mentioned below are five apps that boost business leads and conversions

1. Boost Sales

This application helps lift-up conversion and sales by increasing order value per online shopping. This application persuades customers to spend more money on products that complement their original purchase.
It enables upselling and cross-selling, in turn, optimizing the customer’s shopping experience. The application boosts cross-selling by promoting bundle products that go well together as an irresistible combo that customers love to buy.

It also increases conversions by letting customers preview any product on your store and check out all on one screen without having to switch or leave the browser.

2. MailBot

One amongst the best ways to generate more leads is through direct engagement with customers. Mailbot is a mobile application that acts as the company’s email marketing assistant.

It eases and optimizes the challenging email marketing channel for e-commerce stores. Mailbot is 100 percent automatic email creation and scheduling. Based on initially recommended rules, the application automatically generates newsletters and personalized product recommendations for each customer.

It also empowers a variety of rule-based campaigns to target and convert customers based on their past purchases and interests. This app even tries to increase conversions by bringing leaving customers back to the shopping cart.

Moreover, it enables conversions through sales nurturing, whereby emails are sent to customers who abandon their cart. These email series continue till customers come back to the store and complete their orders.

3. Lucep

A Harvard research study reflects the importance of quick lead response. As per a survey conducted 37 percent of the firms that respond to its customers back in an hour get the most conversions.

Lucep allows businesses to call, capture, and convert customers faster than their competitors. It follows a leads scoring system that prioritizes leads in the pipeline. The value of the leads in this application changes regarding their position in the business. A lead scoring system helps the sales teams focus on the leads that are likely to convert; thus, increasing conversion rates.

It offers numerous other features such as instant lead notifications, lead allocation, comprehensive weekly sales report, and a seamless CRM integration.

4. Salesmate

Salesmate CRM is a tool for managing all of the company’s customer relationships and interactions. It helps companies improve their profitability. It is CRM system that helps with contact management, sales management, workflow processes, productivity and more.

It gives a clear overview of customers through a simple, customizable dashboard. With Salesmate, you can easily access information like customers’ history with the company, the status of their deals, and any outstanding issues. It helps manage sales pipelines and tracks email conversions.

Salesmate effectively manages the leads and enriches them by helping the companies streamline their leads through mapping the different stages of the sales pipeline. It gives an intuitive view through deal board view. It has smart fields that help identify the touch base points, in turn, boosting leads and conversions.

5. Yotpo Reviews

It is an undeniable fact that positive reviews about a product boosts customers’ trust and increases conversion rates. As per a study conducted by iPerceptions in 2011, 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site that has user reviews. Reevoo found that 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.

Yotpo Reviews empowers companies to collect and use review widgets to showcase reviews right on the product pages, which in turn helps convert leads. In addition to that, it is highly customizable and SEO friendly.

Apart from mobile applications, there are many strategies through which companies can generate leads and boost conversions.

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