We have all had those days where you seem to be busy, but nothing is getting done. At the end of the day we measure what we have done, and if that does not match up with what our goals were, it can be very discouraging. There are so many distractions during a work day and we often times give in to those distractions. Think back to your days as a student and you will soon see the similarity. Why do we always leave things to the last minute? Remember the night you had to sit up preparing for a test because you left it too late. This is exactly what we do at work, and it does add so much pressure. Perhaps if we are able to identify why we do this, we can actually avoid it.

No schedule
I do not understand why some people still do not have a schedule to plan out their day. When you work without a schedule, you are basically just trying to do everything and getting nothing done. You have no plan and no direction but hope that at the end of your day, you would have accomplished it all. Have a schedule that shows you when you are supposed to do which task and by what time you should be done. This is going to help you achieve all the goals set out for the day.

No energy
Taking care of yourself outside of work is going to determine your levels of energy when at work. It does sound a bit cliché, but you need to start taking care of yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep at night to take on the new day and all its challenges. Let’s say you are manuscript writing and you are currently busy typing a manuscript. Are you going to be able to do your best today, or try and find some manuscript typing services and just outsource the whole thing? We make these kinds of decisions when we are tired and unable to fulfill our obligations.

As mentioned before, we have learned these habits in school, and sometimes it follows us into our adult lives. When you procrastinate, you are only setting yourself up for a lot of stress down the line. We somehow believe that we have a lot more time than we actually have. Only to get to that point of craziness where we cannot think straight and have a poor outcome. When you get a task and you have time to complete it, do not leave it to the last minute. This is also not the first time you are reading this tip, so maybe it is time to start implementing it.

You know this was coming, and we are going to get into it right now. As much as technology can be used for good, it can be such a huge distraction. Social media and the internet are entertaining and enjoyable, but if we use it too much, it can cost a lot of time. Are you able to ignore the temptations and continue to have a productive day? You take one look on Facebook and before you know it, two hours have passed. Put a block on your phone when you want to work and only switch it off when you have some free time. Use the internet for work related research and nothing else.

Unhealthy lifestyle
If you look at most of the successful people around you, they usually try to live a healthy lifestyle. This is not only to look great, but also to feel good. Eating the right kinds of food is going to stimulate your brain and get you going when others quit. Exercise to boost your energy and give yourself enough oomph to get through the entire work day. Eating a balanced diet and exercising goes hand in hand with success, so this could be one of the elements that keep you from having a productive day.

Stopping at mistakes
We want to do well at our jobs, but everyone makes mistakes. How do you handle your own mistakes at work? You cannot beat yourself up and allow yourself to go into a slump. This is going to be so much wasted time. Own your mistakes and move on from there, by finding a strategy to fix the error.

There are so many reasons beyond this list that keeps us from being productive, but we are never too old to reverse these. You are able to be productive and end your work day on a high. Be organized in what you do at all times and stick to your plans. Before you know it, you are going to grow in your career or business and have a balanced life. I wish you nothing but success, fulfillment and true happiness.

About the Author: 

Ashley Johnson is an inspired guest post writer. She believes that the best way to achieve the goal is to work hard and do not give up in any situation. Ashley life motto is “Do what makes you happy”.