comfort at workIf you work in an office setting, you know that desk jobs can lead to stress and lingering aches and pains. Sitting at a computer all day may sound tension-free, but it can often times cause harm to your health if you aren’t careful. Here are some simple strategies to keep your work environment productive, but comfortable.

1. Make Time to Move Around

Make sure to get up and move around about once an hour. Get water, swing your arms a bit, and roll your shoulders. Just get out of that stagnant sitting position a few times so you aren’t in one position for hours at a time. If you have an hour lunch, make sure you use it, and get a walk in if the weather is nice. Even a quick walk around the block on a break will be beneficial in the long term. Some companies offer walk at work programs and even five minute massages. Make sure you are taking advantage of everything that is offered.

2. Keep Your Surroundings Peaceful

Sometimes this may not seem possible. With busy offices and noisy co-workers, your space at work might feel invaded. Listen to low music or news that distracts you from other noises, and can get you in the work groove. If you are working on a project and need to cancel out the noise, bring in some noise canceling earphones to help. You can always head to a conference room if you need the space and silence.

3. Office Ergonomics are Important

If your company has an ergonomics department, have them evaluate your space. Some fixes you can do on your own are change up your computer screen level and your phone placement. Some office upgrades worth looking into would be a modifiable desk, or an adjustable Mirra Chair. These types of office equipment are made to be functional and add comfort and reduce stress on your neck and back. Some quick augmentations to your office space can reduce long term negative effects such as back and neck strain.

4. Keep Stress Levels Down

Anything you can do to keep your day running smoothly without too many problems or hassles the better. Keeping organized and on top of ongoing projects. This will better prepare you for when emergencies do come up. Try your best to keep cool and level headed. Since you have to work anyway, why not make it as comfortable as possible.

About the Author

Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She writes on a variety of topics, including cars, saving money and the great outdoors.