Although Home Offices have been popular with working professionals for some time now, Garden Offices have been making their way centre-stage over the past few years. Garden offices specialise in providing you with all the amenities of the professional workplace but give you the added benefit of it being mere meters from your home.

So, aside from the proximity to your home, what other benefits can you expect when looking into building and using a garden office?

A Private Space

Not everybody lives alone. You might share your property with a number of flatmates, or you might have a large family. Getting a garden office allows you to have a private space in which to work constructively, meaning that you are out of the way of other family members and in turn, they are less likely to distract you from your tasks.

Sometimes you need a quiet, private space in which to work, and if you have active pets or young children, this can be hard to create in the home. Investing in a garden office ensures that you have that space where you can go and work without distractions.

You Can Create a Genuine Office Environment

When many professionals work from home, they manage to create a usable working environment, but unless you have an office completely dedicated to working from home, it can be difficult to get out of that ‘working from home’ mindset. You want to keep your motivation levels high, without thinking that perhaps you could take 20 minutes out to clean the house, or water the plants.

By having that allocated space in the garden, you can create an established, genuine office environment, complete with motivational quotes, sufficient desk space and a quality printer/scanner. If you’re a fan of tea or coffee, getting a kettle in the garden office is also a good idea, so that you don’t have to ‘break out of the space’ and hop to the kitchen every time you need a hot drink.  Working from home can be great, but it is important that you are able to create a good office environment so that you can stay focused on work.

Good Natural Light and Air Flow

Stepping outside and getting a good breath of fresh air can help to reduce stress, improve concentration and prevents the risk of RSI over time as you are giving yourself regular breaks. With a garden office, the fresh air and natural sunlight are a mere door away. You might find that taking a five or ten-minute break outside can help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle a particularly difficult report, or that working in the sun will help you feel motivated to continue working on a product launch, for example.

Getting the right amount of natural light also helps us to feel more awake, as our bodies are designed to release certain hormones depending on the amount of natural light available. If we do not get enough sunlight, we may feel lethargic and sluggish, as our bodies have been taught to assume that a lack of light means that we need to sleep. A garden office will ensure that you get plenty of warm sunlight, which will leave you feeling right and ready to work.

Something Else to Consider

If you have worked for a particular company for an extended period of time, and you feel as if you can no longer make the daily trek into the office, you might be able to raise the idea of having a garden office with your employer.

Some organisations have been known to provide an interest-free payroll loan – with a deduction from payroll for the employee to repay the cost – in order to provide you with the temporary funds needed to build and furnish a garden office. If you are considering this as an option, it is a preferable method of funding the cost of a garden office in comparison to getting a loan from your local bank.

Once the garden office has been built and furnished, some companies are willing to pay ‘rent’ for the home-based office space. By offering this option, the company will reimburse you for the costs of electricity; equipment and other features you need to employ in order to effectively do your job from home. As an employer would normally cover these costs in the workplace, they should still provide you with this assistance if you are working from home and need these features.

However, it is important that you are able to consider any personal tax implications when charging rent to your own company so that you are completely aware of the procedures and risks thereof.

Investing in a garden office could help you make the next big step in your career. Not everybody is suited to working in an established office environment, and you might find that working by yourself in a garden office means that you get more quality work done. Everybody thrives in their own individual way and it is important that you find out what suits you best when working so that you can tap into your full potential as soon as possible. Why not give a garden office a try?

About the Author:

Mike James, an independent content writer and dab hand at the DIY – consulting log cabin specialist Hortons Group for the info in this post.