Ugh.  Every Google service that’s useful to in your daily activities seems to be inaccessible this morning.  Can’t log into mail.  Can’t access Google Analytics.  Denied on Adwords.  What’s a worker bee to do?

Here are some suggestions on how to take advantage of the Google downtime:

  • Check out Google+.  It’s still working.  If you’ve never gone there before, check it out now.  You’ve got a little time now since you can’t access other important apps.
  • Organize your files.  I am a digital slob.  My computer desktop becomes a dropping ground for various files.  If you’re like me, take this time to get your files organized.  Maybe you have paper files that need attention?  Tackle that, too!
  • Help a coworker.  If the majority of your morning tasks depend on some Google service that’s down, saunter on down to your nearest coworker and see what you can help him or her accomplish.  To quote the Wonder Pets, “what’s gonna work?  TEAMWORK!”
  • Read a trade magazine or news site. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on industry news.

Those are just a few things I’ll tackle today while awaiting Google services to come back up.


Stacy Jackson is a digital marketer and enjoys helping manage