If you own a business and have a website, you’ve probably had people tell you that you need a blog.  There are a ton of great reasons to have a blog, but none of those SEO, thought leadership, and myriad other reasons make one damn difference if the following statements are true for you.

You Don’t Have Time to Put Together a Plan

Not everyone needs a content plan for their blogs.  Some people are gifted enough writers that they can just crank out the good stuff on a routine basis, and they are focused enough that their content stays on the right theme for consistency throughout all their posts.

Some people can do this.  SOME.  Not many.  If you can’t find time to put together a content plans for the next month — or even just the next two weeks — what makes you think you will have time to write full-blown posts?  And if you don’t have time for posts, you surely don’t have time to properly design and implement your blog so that it is consistent with your website experience and brand.

If you have the money to hire a designer and a consultant who can coach you on getting started, that might be a good first step.  A coach can help you put together a content plan and help you get that first month or so of posts completed.  Be honest with yourself, though, before you hire someone.  If you have an inkling you will not follow through, don’t waste your money.

You Can’t Commit Time Each Week to Blogging

A blog is like a pet.  You have to remember to take care of it routinely, or it dies.  If you want a blog but can’t commit to care for it yourself, delegate the duties to trusted staff members or outsource them to a consultant.  If you don’t have the budget to outsource or you don’t want to spend time reading and editing the work of the person to whom you delegated blogging, then you should not start a business blog.  If a blog is like a pet, then remember this:  there’s nothing sadder than a dead pet.  If you can’t take care of it, don’t start it.

You Have No Focus or Goal for Your Blog

There are compelling reasons to blog for your business.  However, if you read those reasons and still come away wondering why you need a blog, then a business blog isn’t for you.  You have to have a goal for your blog so that it remains focused.  Otherwise, you may wander off on tangents and have an assortment of posts that don’t seem to go together at all.  If you are not totally clear on your blogging objectives, your blog could end up making you look confused and scattered.

But I Really Want One!

If these statements apply to you but you still feel like you just have to blog, then give it a trial run.   A good test for you would be to commit to guest blogging on sites like RabidOfficeMonkey.com, FoodserviceChatter.com, Leadmanagement.com, or some blog that caters to your industry/audience.  Your commitment can be to yourself — you don’t have to tell the site’s editor what your commitment is.  Set a goal for one post per week.  If you can get it done without a lot of grief and agony, maybe you are ready to start your own business blog.



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