If you’re not an SEO expert or if you have limited knowledge when it comes to internet marketing, you probably do not know what explainer video is. This makes sense especially given that this is a rather new term.

Until recently, such videos were called tutorial videos or just tutorials. Nowadays, they are revamped and modernized.

So what’s the main difference between the two? While tutorials can be a bit longer, explainers are really short lasting from 2 to 3 minutes. Here are 14 types of explainer videos with examples you can check in order to get to know them better.

The general idea is that this is enough time for a person to explain something and everything else would be excessive. Naturally, they do not tackle complex topics as this would require more time.

Given internet users’ progressively decreasing attention span, this type of animated explainer is ideal. Due to its nature, it will likely get more attention than any other similar kind of content.

How do you use an explainer for your blog?

Like any other type of content, explainer’s main purpose is to get more traffic and to allow you to rank for a particular keyword. This coincides with Google’s recent treatment of videos.

As you might’ve noticed there are more and more of them in top 10 results which means they are slowly getting a competitive edge in comparison to written content.

However, keep in mind that this type of content doesn’t have to stand alone.

They are great in unison with written content. You can always have something else on the page. Nevertheless, the video is necessary for diversification and to improve optimization of a page.

Your main goal when making an explainer video is to help visitors. This is the only way for the concept to work.

Unlike some other type of content that is meant to direct sell product or service, explainers go around things.

They help you rank, there might even be a mention of a product within the video, but they are not commercial or trying to sell something.

Instead, the sale is a secondary effect of video’s success.

Actionable tips for explainer videos

Given their current popularity, explainer videos are perhaps one of the best things for your business in 2017. This is why your company has to take them seriously and start producing amazing content as soon as possible.

These tips will help you do just that.

  1. Always embed videos on your pages

A lot of people make a mistake by having videos only on YouTube. Although they will probably end up there one way or another, the main reason why you should create such video is so you can boost website. This means that first and foremost you need to post it there and only afterward share it through YouTube. Also, make sure to mention your blog on your YouTube channel and link out.

  1. Hire an animation expert

Like with articles, people feel that they can easily produce top tier content without any experience. This is totally wrong. Although I am not saying you cannot become an expert, it definitely takes some time. Until then, make sure to hire a professional that knows what he is doing. Keep in mind that you’re creating a message that needs to be seen by others. Lousy video will not convert well, and it can even harm the page as a whole.

  1. Think about branding

When you create an explainer, you need to mention your brand throughout. Whether you have banners or use some other visual help, the viewer should easily be able to tell that this content is made by your organization. If he likes it, he can find it later on again if he remembers the name. Branding is crucial for the long-term success of your videos as most people depend on their video subscribers. This is especially true if you’re reliant on YouTube, given its advanced algorithms.

  1. Keep it short

One of the biggest issues with explainers is their length. Most experts have trouble condensing all this content into a short video. But it’s a necessity. Check the video several time before you publish it. Does it answer viewers’ questions? Is it understandable? Are you covering main points? These are all things you need to ask yourself. Without them, your project will fail.

About the Author:

Nikolay Stoyanov is a well-known Bulgarian SEO expert with 9 years of SEO experience. He loves writing about various SEO topics on his blog NikSto.com. Nikolay also sells 100% white hat SEO services, audits and his company offers SEO outsourcing to clients in various niches around the world.