It’s already widely known that office design can affect employee productivity and, consequently and indirectly, business results of a particular company. Thus, it’s no wonder that employers have started paying more attention to their office spaces, trying to provide their employees with inspiring work environment, home comforts, and relaxation areas. However, it seems that elevating your office design to a greener level can actually have quite an effect on workplace productivity and results.

Green office design: where does it fit in?

Adjusting your office design to meet your employees’ needs can improve their satisfaction and enhance their productivity. You probably already know that lighting, colours, and layout are just some of the few factors that can affect their ability to focus and work. However, you may wonder where going green and sustainable fits in.

Well, it has actually been shown that employees who work in a green office experience an increase of 26 percent in their cognition while sickness-related absenteeism reduces by 30 percent. Green offices are healthier, more positive and inspiring, which affects employees’ health, mood, and productivity. For instance, cleaner air makes an office more open, airy and positive, reduces sleepiness in workers and decreases headaches. Furthermore, if you promote your company as eco-friendly, making your office space greener and more sustainable sends a positive message to your employees. It demonstrates that your and their company sticks to its values, which can also boost their motivation to work.

Therefore, going with a green office design will definitely enhance your employees’ productivity, boost satisfaction at work and contribute to their well-being. Consequently, this will reflect on your business, as well, because a happy and healthy team is certainly more motivated to work and come up with creative solutions. Thus, you should explore different ideas for designing a green, healthy and productive office.

Natural materials as a healthy addition

There’s a world of inspiration when it comes to green office design, but a few of them are certainly a standard. Introducing sustainable materials and fabrics is not only an eco-friendly but also a healthy choice for an office space. Sustainable materials are manufactured and treated according to certain green standards that prevent the use of toxic chemicals that may be released into the air. Using natural and healthy materials and fabrics doesn’t have to be expensive either. For instance, you can find affordable natural rugs online that will style up your office space while also keeping it healthy and toxin-free. You can also go with repurposed or reclaimed wood that has already released all of the toxic chemicals it may have contained.

Exposing your workspace to green lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors when it comes to employees’ performance and productivity. Going with eco-friendly lighting, however, may actually help your employees achieve even better results. Firstly, maximising natural light isn’t only a great way to reduce energy consumption in your office, but it’s also one of the most effective trends for boosting productivity. There are numerous psychological and physical benefits of sunlight for your employees that will reflect on their work, as well.

However, opting for green lighting alternatives can also have a positive impact on the work results of your employees. Namely, installing LED lights will fill your office space with a much more pleasant glow similar to natural light. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, may cause headaches and dizziness, so you should consider making this green change, too. Bright LEDs are certainly more effective and energy-efficient than regular bulbs, enabling you to create a more pleasant and enjoyable work environment for your employees.

Your office as an oasis

Office employees are significantly more productive when surrounded with greenery. Plants can introduce the calming nature of the green colour while also making your office space healthier by increasing the indoor air quality. Furthermore, greenery can make your work environment more pleasant, nurture creativity among your employees and create a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Consequently, your employees will perform better and more efficiently in such a healthy, green-inspired work environment. Therefore, you should introduce potted plants, hanging planters, living walls or lush green dividers. In addition, this will provide your employees with an inspiring view, which is another factor that can affect their job performance.

Designing a green office will not only contribute to the environment preservation, but it will also provide your employees with a healthier, more pleasant and more inspiring workplace, boosting their productivity and helping them achieve better work results.

Lana Hawkins

Lana Hawkins is a young architect and the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration from.