The rapid growth of the mobility of individuals and entire teams generates demand for mobile solutions. With the development of broadband, Internet access has expanded choice of cloud-based enterprise telephone systems and increased the number of services offered by providers, facilitating the mobility of employees. Even mobile devices are gradually turning into a client IP-PBX with access to Wi-Fi.

Due to the large number of benefits offered by cloud solutions, more and more businesses are embracing hosted cloud phone systems for efficient and effective communication with customers and colleagues.

Cloud phone systems provide an end-to-end phone service that improves customer satisfaction leaving the traditional IP PBX behind. These cloud-based phone systems are perfect communication platforms for businesses looking for intelligent call routing solutions, mobility features and business process integration, however don’t want to bear the maintenance and management costs.

Before, getting a cloud-based business phone system you need to understand what it can bring to your business.

Today, literally there are many cloud phone service providers in the market delivering satisfying and pleasant end-to-end hosted phone solutions that customers love.

On-premise phone systems or Cloud hosted business VoIP service – What to Choose?

The traditional phone system providers offer & maintain their PBX (private branch exchange) hardware on customers’ company’s premises. The disadvantage of this solution is that when your business grows, you get locked due to increased capital investment in upgrading appliances.

Whereas, a cloud phone service providers maintain its PBX hardware in the cloud (i.e. in their own cloud data center). It ensures that your phone system grows with your business by delivering greater flexibility and higher scalability to add more users.

Does it help in evaluating employee performances?

A cloud-based business phone system is very convenient as you are provided with a web-based management console through which you can configure phone features and users. Additionally, the advanced call reporting capabilities aid organizations to measure the employee activities and productivity. Please remember that, not all cloud providers have a decent and easy to understand and use dashboard, so check its feasibility.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

Experience major CAPEX & OPEX savings, as there is no need to invest your money in buying the system hardware and man power in doing maintenance & upgrades. Your phone system always remains up-to-date, as the cloud phone service providers maintain and manage PBX virtually through the Internet.

Does the System Support Mobility?

As you know that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend for business is increasing, the cloud phone systems are integrated with the capabilities to keep all the employees tied to the business phone system and stay connected, despite their location and device they are using.

What If I Need Customer or Technical Support?

Before acquiring a cloud phone service, customers need to evaluate the service provider in terms of customer and technical support. Often bad or late customer support is the reason for business loss.

Are the Cloud Phone Systems Reliable?

Since the cloud phone systems are hosted in the high-end data centers with redundant power and cooling capabilities, you will always experience greater reliability with the cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based Enterprise Phone Features:

  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Extension Panel / Virtual Receptionist / Simultaneous Ring
  • Remote Office / Company Directory / Call Flow Dashboard
  • On Hold Music/Audio / Time Based Greetings
  • Voicemail/Email Integration
  • Call Screening/Blocking
  • Call Forwarding / Conferencing
  • Reporting / Call Recordings
  • Interoffice Paging / Call Queue Music/Audio
  • Emergency Services / Local Number Portability / Virtual Phone Number
  • Admin Panel / Fax Support

Don’t get locked into an outdated technology that’s cumbersome to manage. It will only make your business suffer. Leverage the power of Internet and benefits of cloud phone systems telecommunications and to scale your growth.