Do you have a home office?  If so, you may have experienced issues with wifi dead zones in your home.  In today’s world, so many of our devices function on wifi (i.e. computers, smartphones, tablets, cable, Roku, etc.); therefore, it’s important that you’re getting the coverage needed to use your devices throughout your home.  It’s especially important that your home office have the coverage needed to support your business.

If you aBest Buy - NETGEARre experiencing wifi dead zones in your home office, then you may need to look into purchasing a wifi range extender.  The wifi extender will allow you to keep your current wireless equipment while improving its performance.  It can be so frustrating to have to sit in a room that’s not your office just so you can get your work done.  Don’t let these wifi dead zones affect your business.

In our home office, we didn’t get very good wifi reception.  We spoke to the internet provider and they said there was nothing they could do without putting in another router and paying for additional services.  As a small business, we just don’t have the luxury to pay for additional services.  So, we started to think outside of the box and did some research.  We found that we could invest in a wifi range extender, which had the potential to resolve our issue.

We figured it was worth a shot!  So, we went to Best Buy and purchased the NETGEAR Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender.  It was reasonably priced and easy to set up!  We’ve had the wifi extender for about a year now and it’s been awesome!  We have full coverage in the areas of the house where there was barely a single bar.  Plus, there are no monthly fees . . . just the one-time purchase for the product.

Now that we have full coverage throughout the house we can work from anywhere with no worries.  It’s nice to know that we can manage our business when and where needed.  Having a home office doesn’t have to be complicated.  There are ways to make your life easier so that your business is successful.  The NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender has been a tool that’s really increased our efficiency as a small business!  If you’re experiencing wifi dead zones in your home office, then you should look into the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender!  Don’t spend a lot of additional money with the internet company.  Get a wifi extender…It’s worth it!


This is not a paid post.  Just love this product and wanted to share this gem of a find to all small businesses out there that have home offices!

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