Whether you’ve considered hiring one (or more) project manager before or never really considered all of the benefits they can provide your company, discover what a project manager can offer and whether you should hire one!

What does a project manager do?

Project managers are responsible for initiating, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, and controlling a project from start to finish. During a project’s process, it is the responsibility of a project manager to foresee any problems that might occur, monitor the overall budget, and conduct various analysis on quality, scalability, interoperability, and more. Project managers are different from team leaders in that they take on more responsibility instead of simply delegating and ensuring tasks are completed.

What industries use project managers?

Many industries utilize project managers to make tasks big and small simpler. Project managers are most commonly used in construction, petrochemical, architecture, and IT settings, but they can be utilized by businesses of virtually any size.

How do you know if you need a project manager?

Consider if the following might be true in your business:

  1. You’re lacking a bit in communication. Whether it’s between teams, management, or your clients, proper communication is vital to the success of your business. A project manager can keep client expectations in check, align the tasks and goals of your teams, and relay messages throughout management easily and effectively, ensuring everyone is in the know.
  2. You’re hitting snags in development. Part of a project managers job is to ensure goals are met in a timely fashion. While everyone may be working at a different pace, the company should be functioning smoothly to complete a task. A project manager pokes and prods the sectors that aren’t hitting their targets and slows the areas that are moving too quickly to keep everything operating in unison and done on time.
  3. Your projects aren’t as financially successful as you need them to be. Project managers operate in a financially-based way – they’re always thinking about the largest return-on-investment (ROI) for your business. They ensure projects stick to the budget, timeframe, and resources allotted to them.

How do you find a project manager?

You can open interviews and find the right fit. Another way to find the right project manager is to go through a project planning firm. This way, it’s on the agency to find the fit that’s right for your company.

Allow your company to reach its full potential – hire a project manager!

Anthony Vitucci

Anthony Vitucci is the Senior Associate at Project Management Now. He's an established project management professional with experience on high complexity programs in various government and private environments.