When you own a small business, it’s vital that you get the most from each dollar that you spend on advertising. There’s so many ways to promote yourself that it can be hard to decide which ones are right for you. Using several different methods can help you promote your company to the widest possible audience. Before you decide on which type you’ll use, consider your current customer base and also who else you would like to reach. Once you have done so, think about what advertising methods will have the greatest impact. Below are a number of points to consider.

Traditional print media

This includes such items as flyers, postcards, business cards, and even custom printed stationery. All of these can get the word out about you and what your company has to offer.

Whether you choose to use all of these types of ads or just one, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

(a) Use care in their design. Don’t crowd in too many words or pictures. Choose your words carefully; use ones that really speak to your audience and encourage them to act. Some examples include “hurry in”, “limited time offer”, “first come first served”, or even “an offer this great won’t be found elsewhere”.

(b) Use colors that catch the eye but are not too bright and gaudy, as this can look cheap and turn the reader off. Try and steer clear of using colored papers, and instead have the color come from either the text or graphics. Use ones that match your company’s colors if you have them, and if not, at least make sure the tones and shades complement each other.

(c) Don’t try and use too many fonts or typefaces. It’s best to stick to one or two.

(d) Include photos or other graphics, but make sure they are clear. A blurred image can ruin the whole ad. If you are at all concerned that the one you have chosen may not be clear enough, ask your printer for help.

(e) Have someone proofread the copy before it goes for the final printing. Make sure you include the correct and current contact information for your business.

(f) Whichever type of print advertisement you decide to use, it’s usually best to hire a professional printing company to make them for you. Though they may cost more than doing it yourself, the end result usually looks much more professional. Isn’t that the image you want your company to project to the world?

Electronic advertising

With so many people using tablets, netbooks, smartphones, computers, and other forms of high tech equipment in their daily lives, this is a form of advertising that can reach just about everyone. You can create or post to a blog, make a web page, or even put together a digital business card for your firm. Not to worry if you are a confirmed technophobe, as there are lots of companies that will do the work for you. For example, a print company can create a business card that can also be viewed on a smartphone screen. This makes them easy to share and lets people know that your business is keeping up with the times.

Perhaps the best approach is to use a mix of both traditional print and online advertising. You can send out flyers, distribute business cards in both digital and physical formats, and have an advertising blog set up online. This combined approach will reach the largest possible group of potential customers while still keeping your advertising costs quite low. It’s a simple way to get the biggest “bang for your buck”.

About the Author

Chloe Jones works for Minuteman Press, a printing company which provides a range of services to suit the needs of both individuals and businesses across the world. More information can be found at http://www.minutemanpress.ca.