How Plastic Manufacturing has molded Modern Civilization – An Overview


The history of plastic manufacturing

Though the history of naturally derived plastics can be traced back in 1600 BC when the Mesoamericans used to produce rubber bands and balls from the extracts of rubber tree, the emergence of plastic industry started in the 1800s. The production of plastics got a boost as Charles Goodyear introduced vulcanization as a chemical procedure to convert soft natural rubber to a more robust and durable thermoset plastic. Bakelite is said to be the first completely synthetic thermoset that was developed in the early decades of 1900. Since then there was no looking back for plastic manufacturers.

Importance of Plastic in Modern Civilization

Initially the use of plastic was limited in trivial things like cheap jewelry, beads, plastic bags, containers and trifles. But today plastic or polythene is considered to be an important thing for a wide range of industries – electronics, aerospace, transportation, packaging, plumbing, building and construction are to name a few. As we have learned different procedure to mold plastic to produce different variety of it, plastic has in turn improved the quality of our life in every possible way starting from communication to transportation, healthcare to entertainment and so on.

From furniture to tools, from containers to packaging materials, from electronic chips to electrical insulation modern plastic manufacturing companies have so much to offer to a wide range of industries. The advancements in modern technology have huge contribution to the versatility of ever booming plastic industry all over the world.

Variety of Plastic materials used in the industry

A modern plastic manufacturing company produces wide variety of plastics. Mainly there are two common categories of molded plastics – Thermoset and Thermoplastic.

Once molded hard and solid Thermoset plastic objects retain their shapes even in high temperature whereas, thermoplastic melts as temperature soars above the normal. That is why; thermoset plastic is an obvious choice where it is needed more robust and permanent construction such as in car, aircraft, electrical machinery and building construction. On the other hand, themorplastics are best suited for packaging, plastic carry bags, water bottles, kitchen containers, various accessories and tools or parts of it.  And that is how plastics embrace domestic as well industrial sphere of modern civilization.

Why plastic has got so popular

Manmade plastic has some unique qualities that made it so popular. Plastic is light-weight and can be produced in different forms. It can be opaque or transparent. It can have bright and attractive colors. It is highly water-repellent and electrical insulator.

It can be hard and robust making it appropriate for use in heavy industrial purposes like transportation and construction. At the same time, it can be soft and flexible to be used in more delicate purposes like packaging food and various consumer goods, creating colorful jewelry and accessories, producing sophisticated electronics goods and many more.

Responsibilities of Plastic Manufacturers

Since using plastic has so many advantages, it is expected that the use of plastic will increase further in the coming years. And there lies the responsibility of a plastic manufacturing company. Unwise use and disposal of plastic materials and objects can be harmful for our environment. There are also toxic chemicals and gases as the byproduct of plastic manufacturing industry. Therefore, plastic manufacturers need to be more careful and take necessary steps to prevent environmental pollution.

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