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Your website is the gateway to your business. Most people will check the Internet before they engage in any form of transaction and many will judge your company at a mere glance. Whether you acquire your main client base through online channels or not, ensuring your website makes the grade is crucial to success.

Even today where virtually every business has some form of online presence, many still make mistakes. Promoting your company is one thing, but Google determines if a company is useful through content presented, social engagement, and reviews online – these things affect your Google ranking.

Follow these tips to avoid any future problems.

Establish Your brand

When it comes to business, image is everything. If you don’t have a strong corporate identity people will simply forget who you are. Your website should establish your brand and make visitors feel comfortable. If it doesn’t, they’ll simply use a competitor with a better reputation.

Use a Tidy Design

Your website should have a familiar design. Visitors will expect to know exactly where to click, even if they’ve never visited your website before. If they aren’t sure how to find specific products or information they’ll just leave and find an easier alternative. Make sure you place key information in the header, use a simple navigation bar, and merge everything together using a neutral colour scheme.

Write Informative Content

If you’ve ever researched content marketing in the past, you’ll probably be aware of the phrase, “content is king.” Google places a huge amount of emphasis on high-quality content, so if your website isn’t providing information that actually benefits readers, your rankings will suffer. A blog provides the perfect platform to achieve this.

Get a Decent Hosting Account

Businesses always underestimate the importance of decent hosting. Don’t make this mistake. If you use a bad host, your website will not only load slowly but could experience regular downtime. There’s nothing worse than trying to run a business and finding out that your site just stops working or shuts down for “maintenance” every other day.

Create Viral Content

Viral marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful marketing techniques on the planet. Backlinks are one of the most important elements of search engine optimization and creating content that’s liked and shared can provide a huge amount of backlinks for free, saving you a great deal of work.

Link to Social Networks

Social networking is currently the most important element of building a strong online presence. If your social networks aren’t linking to your website, you will fail to establish a community around your niche, somewhere to directly engage with customers. To get more followers, buy Instagram views. While Instagram isn’t the most popular social network out there, it boasts the highest levels of engagement.

If you follow these tips, your website will do so much more for your business. Don’t shun the power of online promotion. While it can take time, it’s a worthy investment and could literally skyrocket your business.


About the Author:

David Bishop is an SEO marketer and website designer from London, England. He frequently writes for both online and offline publications in the tech sector.