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Surf videos are a massive draw for viewers. Here’s how to get popular on YouTube to grow your subscribers and score new customers.

With 2 billion monthly users on YouTube, there’s plenty of room on the platform for another surfing channel.

There’s a big reason why nearly half of all marketers had plans to incorporate YouTube into their marketing strategy this year. As Twitter and Facebook usage decline, it’s time to look for new ways to get your content out there.

Not sure how to get started? Read on to learn how to get popular on YouTube and use the platform to build brand awareness for your surf business!

Complete Your YouTube Profile

When someone visits your YouTube page, the first things they notice are your profile picture and banner. An empty looking channel signals to people that you don’t take the platform seriously.

For the channel icon, upload an 800×800 image of your surf brand’s logo. You can use free software to make YouTube banners that are both eye-catching and communicate the purpose of your channel.

Use your channel description to sell your brand by letting visitors know what value you’re adding to their lives. Most importantly, don’t forget to link back to your website and your other social media pages.

Shoot Like a Pro

Want to record more personalized videos and improve the overall experience of your viewers?

Get different angles and shoot video from several distances. For best results, consider investing in a surfing drone and a GoPro that mounts to a surfboard.

It’s a good idea to shoot as much footage as possible since you can always edit it down later. To help tell a story with your video, get shots of your surroundings and people fishing or having fun on the shoreline.

Also, try diversifying your video content with YouTube Live. This service allows you to do live Q&As, tutorials, and product reveals. Plus, you can even give people a behind-the-scenes look at your surf business.

When live streaming, make sure you have a high-end mic and a dedicated hardware encoder. Smartphone audio and video give off an unprofessional vibe.

Focus on Your Video Titles and Thumbnails

On YouTube, one of two things is going to convince someone to click on your video: the title or the thumbnail. In fact, 90% of the top videos on the platform feature a custom thumbnail.

Ideally, you want to nail both.

When crafting headlines, do keyword research to find out what surfers are searching for. Use these keywords in your video descriptions, playlists, and image names as well.

Note that Google has a 66-character limit for YouTube video titles. Keep your titles short and sweet if you want to avoid the dreaded ellipses.

Popular thumbnails pair a face with a lively background and a text overlay. Make sure your thumbnails are 1280×720 and do a good job of previewing your video.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Popular on Youtube

Once you upload a video, share it on all your social media accounts and interact with commenters.

Staying on top of trends is an important part of gaining more YouTube subscribers, too. Read YouTube’s official blog so you can keep an eye on updates to the platform. Also, pay attention to what types of videos pop up on the trending list.

Now that you know a thing or two about how to get popular on YouTube, want some ideas and inspiration? If so, be sure to check out a few of our videos!


Kathirvel R.
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