Sales Leads

Your business relies on salespeople to complete sales with customers, but you rely on your marketing department to find those customers. The marketing department works every day to find leads that can be converted by your sales department, but you do not know how long those leads will be viable. Internal communications are vital to your sales department, and you will create more opportunities for sales with better communication. Read the tips below to help make a change in your office that increases your yearly revenue.

#1: Immediate Communication 

Your marketing knows when customers are looking to buy right now. Customers who want to make a purchase immediately may give up on a business that does not contact them immediately. The marketing department must send customer contact information to the sales department for immediate contact before collating the information for other customers.

The sales department should have a list of customers who must be contacted immediately, and you may close sales because you got to these customers first. The other leads generated by the marketing department may be contacted after the most immediate needs are addressed.

#2: Professional Sales Calls 

Leads handed off to the sales department must come with notes that explain how the customer is to be handled. The marketing department may have spoken to customers previously, and their insight helps make subsequent sales calls easier to complete. The notes explain the tone that should be taken with the customer, and the marketing department may note specific things the customer wants.

Sales calls must be completed with a general script that sales reps adapt to each call. A script that never changes becomes too predictable, but a general script helps keep the sales team uniform in their approach to customers. You will incorporate notes from the marketing team into your script to increase the chances of closing the sale.

#3: Transcripts 

You may adjust the notes for each customer with a transcript of their original call with the marketing team. The marketing team has convinced the customer to take a call with your sales team, and the transcript of a previous call will help the sales team know exactly what went on in a previous call. Customers do not want to spend time going over the call they already had with your company. They are on the edge of buying or not buying, and your sales team must have information that makes the sales call go as fast as possible.

#4: Special Deals 

The marketing team is using special deals and bargains to entice customers during sales calls. You must tell the sales team what bargain was agreed upon during a marketing call, and the sales reps must lead their calls with these bargains. Customers will appreciate that their deal is being honored, and they are more likely to buy because they have been put at ease at the beginning of the call.

Communication between your marketing team and your sales team cannot be erratic or scattered. The marketing team uses sales tactics to generate leads, and the sales team must use proper information to convert sales. Improved interoffice communications change your business for the better, and your customers will not be confused during sales calls. You are within a breath of losing customers during a sales call, and the small pieces of information you share with your sales team will change the way they approach their customers.

Work on communication in your office between the marketing and sales teams. These employees are working on two sides of the same coin, and they increase your profits when they communicate well.


About the Author

Greg Dastrup is a small business analyst and lead generation expert. He consults for brands in both the US and Australia and is currently a speaker at international business conferences.