Email Marketing Today

The pace of innovation and the amount of resources accessible to marketers today is nothing short of astounding. But even with the explosion of new technology, for many businesses, email remains a valuable and popular tool for generating ROI.

With new email technologies, marketers can send relevant, behaviour-based and targeted messages to subscribers. What’s more, with email marketing you can incorporate some of the interactions on your landing page as well as offers, image sliders and add-to-cart functionalities.

However, as useful as email is, it also has its drawbacks. The marketing channel generally falls victim to low open-rates, and as a result, marketers see poor engagement.

According to a 2018 benchmark report, email open rates stood at an average of 25.44% across all industries in 2017. On the other hand, SMS engagement rates sit at an overwhelming 98% —90% of which are opened within the first three minutes of being received. In consequence, marketers need to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to an increasingly mobile audience.  Another disadvantage of sending email campaigns is the battle with spam filters. Ensuring your messages are delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes becomes increasingly difficult with the advent of spam, junk, social, and other folders that can often filter out your emails without your customers’ knowledge. Even the most loyal and engaged customers can miss out on your important content due to these filters.

The success of any marketing campaign is largely dependent on people receiving, opening and engaging with your message. But this can be hard to achieve as the competition to stand out in your customer’s inbox is increasing every day.

So, what can marketers do improve the success of their email marketing campaigns? Integrate with SMS!

Leverage the Power of SMS

While texting has been a popular communication tool for quite some time now, it is by no means slowing down as the most effective way to reach customers. In fact, the application-to-person (A2P) SMS market is expected to grow from $55.6billion this year to $78.6billion in 2022, according to new research by Infoholic. The reason for this being that the technology presents a powerful platform through which businesses can interact with their customers, making it possible to reach all types of people, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Almost every person owns a mobile phone, and most come equipped with SMS capability straight out of the box. Not only that, with 90% of adults keeping their mobile within their reach at all times, it’s no surprise to hear that the buzz signifying a new SMS will have people reaching for their phone straight away. As SMS has traditionally been used as a short-form communication channel between friends and family, there’s a strong sense of urgency to read the message immediately.

As a marketing channel, SMS is incredibly reliable and recipients can opt-in and out instantly. This means that when you send out an SMS campaign, every subscriber on your list is likely to receive your message and respond. In fact, SMS is five more times likely to elicit a response compared to direct mail as per a Mobile Marketing Association report on marketing engagement levels.

This makes SMS the perfect channel for businesses that are looking to get their customers’ attention.

Integration of SMS and Email

Integrating SMS with your email campaigns is as simple as sending a quick text message to your subscribers notifying them of a new email. This fast and simple action can boost email open rates by up to 20%.

Combining your email and SMS marketing campaigns can not only improve your engagement rates but also, over time, boost your ROI.  It also gives you the freedom to spend more time and resources creating valuable content with the knowledge that it’ll reach your target audience.

It’s also vital that you optimize your messages for each channel. Ensure the links in your SMS and email messages are correct, and that they take your customer through to a mobile-friendly webpage. This will reduce bounce rates and encourage your customer to spend more time checking out what you have on offer.

Final Thoughts

Finally, remember to always respect your customer’s inbox, both SMS and email. Let potential subscribers know what to expect from you when they sign up, and only send messages that provide something of value to your subscribers. Flooding their inboxes with uninteresting content will result in high churn rates and may even stain your brand image. Keep your messages relevant, fresh and to the point for the best results, and watch your open-rates skyrocket with the help of SMS.

Carl Krumins

Carl Krumins is the founder and CEO of SMSGlobal, a leading international provider of mobile messaging technology. Carl developed his passion for technology at a young age, deconstructing and reconstructing computers to explore how they could be enhanced. It was this spirit of reinvention that led Carl to found SMSGlobal in 2007, with a vision to revolutionise the way businesses communicate.