Time is the most important resource that any business has. When there is so much to be done, how time is used is important. This is called productivity. All businesses aim to increase efficiency, so how to use your time well at work is an important skill. Everybody wants that deep sigh of satisfaction after completing a task at the end of the day.

To increase your productivity at work, here are some tips that will have you working smarter and not harder.

Eliminate Distractions

This may sound obvious at first, but there are many distractions all around employees at any given time. When it is time to work, you need to focus all your attention on the task at hand to produce optimal results. Most of the modern distractions come in the form of social media, which is present thanks to the advent of smartphones.

When you are at work, social media is your enemy. Do not waste your precious time replying to Facebook messages or checking your notifications. These distract you and waste a lot of your time, which you use up in completing critical tasks. A good rule of thumb is always to associate the workplace with thoughts of tasks and deadlines. Turn off all notifications of social media apps or put your phone on silent mode. This way, you will accomplish much more at a faster rate.

Quit Multitasking

Multitasking lowers productivity by about 40 percent every time a person switches tasks. Stories of how some people are so good at multitasking are pure myths. Human minds are not meant for multitasking. The best method of accomplishing several things on time is to pick one task first and give it your complete attention. This way, you will complete that job faster and have enough time to move on to the next one.

Create a Schedule

Planning is essential if any system is to work as desired. When you are in the workplace, plan your day early in the morning so that you know how much work you have cut out for you. Going in blindly reduces productivity as you will not be adequately prepared to handle your tasks. Planning for the workday gives you the chance to collect all the resources you might need beforehand, making it possible to settle down for the tasks at hand.

Take Regular Breaks

Everyone gets tired at one point or another. You might think that you are doing a good thing by working for hours on end, but this practice is counterproductive. As you spend more time on a single task, your concentration span drops drastically since you will get bored due to the monotony of working on the same activity. Taking breaks helps to keep your mind refreshed and gives you time to stretch your muscles and avoid cramps. Regular breaks also help you maintain focus and efficiency. Too much work and no breaks are responsible for the creation of dull employees.

Minimize Meetings

This suggestion goes out to employers rather than employees. Research has shown that meetings waste a lot of working time as an average employee spends about 31 hours every month attending meetings. Such gatherings at the workplace should be kept to a minimum. Most meetings are usually pointless and a waste a lot of times. Employers should learn to utilise memos and reminders to pass across messages and updates to employees instead of spending a lot of time in meetings. Reducing the number of meetings at the workplace increases the amount of time employees have to complete tasks. This increases their productivity and efficiency significantly.

Acknowledge Excellent Employees

Acknowledging the efforts of your employees increases their confidence and output. Employers should appreciate their workers by having rewards such as bonuses for outstanding employees and giving promotions to those who deserve them. In the spirit of being fair, employers should also set stringent measures to curb laziness at work. Employees whose work is suboptimal should be given warnings or relieved of their duties if need be.

Another great way to increase productivity is providing employees with in-house training on time-management.

Get Enough Rest and Have a Healthy Lifestyle

This is perhaps, the most ignored aspect of improving your productivity. Leave the workplace early enough to carry out other tasks and get sufficient sleep. Sufficient rest and sleep rejuvenates your body and mind and leaves you feeling fresh and sharp the following day. On top of that, eat healthy meals and always keep your body hydrated. It is through this way that you will increase your productivity at work.

The above tips on how to increase your productivity at work will enable anyone to be an indispensable member of any organisation. A good employee should work smarter, not harder. Overworking poses great health risks, so you should always watch your health and create a healthy balance.

About the Author:

Ryan Jones is a digital marketer and office designer working for Advanced Commercial Interiors, one of the UK’s leading office design companies.