Let’s be honest.

Finding potential customers and getting their attention is hard

And if you’re new kid on the block, it becomes more difficult.

Nobody knows you. People don’t trust your expertise, and they avoid doing business with you.

And the worst part?

You don’t know how to fix it. You have no idea how to start, expanding your brand awareness and pull in your audience.

What can you do to get people to give you their contact information?

In this post, I’ll talk about four techniques that will help you to get quality prospects (aka leads) for your new B2B business.

Let’s start.

#1. Guest Blogging

If you’re new to the business and have few connection, the best way to get exposure for your brand is to appear on popular platforms.

One way of doing so is guest blogging.

You publish relevant and valuable posts on others’ blogs (with permission of course) and get recognition in return.

The blog owner gets content for free, and you get exposure in front of your targeted audience.

A win-win situation for both parties

Even though you’re providing free content, that doesn’t mean landing great guest posting opportunities is easy. You’ve got to prove you have something valuable to share. Your focus must be on the content. Backlinks or a byline are a secondary thing.

Here’s a brief explanation of guest posting process:

  • Find blogs where your targeted readers hang out
  • Be a regular reader there and analyze what kind of posts work there
  • Come up with an idea (or ideas) and pitch
  • Follow up (if needed)
  • If approved, send the post

#2. Become Active on Social Networks

Imagine if you had access to a market where you could communicate with thousands of your potential clients all at once.

Social networking websites give you that opportunity.

With their billions of users, you can build a one-to-one connection with your potential customers with a small (or zero) budget.

All you have to do is figure out where your audience hangs out, become an active member there, and help them to solve their problems. While doing so, you’ll mention your product or services where it’ll be relevant.

The more you do it, the better known you’ll become.

Plus you can conduct contests or AMAs (Ask Me Anything) to broaden your reach to the audience.

Finding your readers in the crowd of social media users isn’t an easy job, so this technique requires some planning. But the result will be worth all the effort you put in.

Here’s the process in brief:

  • Identify what channels your targeted audience are using
  • Share great content (written by yourself and others)
  • Promote your product or service with a strong call to action
  • Be consistent

#3. Bribe Your Visitors

The above techniques – guest posting and social networks – help you to get quality traffic. But the important part is to convert that traffic into leads and paying customers.

After all, that’s why you started a business, isn’t it?

Your audience may like your content and appreciate your help, but you’ve to give them a good reason to give you their contact information.

Offering a compelling freebie is the best way to do this. All you need to do is create a bribe such as an ebook, cheat sheet, checklist, templates, or something else that fits your business and your audience’s needs, then offer that bribe to your visitors as a “gift” in exchange for their contact information.

Yes, developing an irresistible bribe takes a little bit of work, but you can do this job easily if you’re clear on your subject and understand your audience well enough.

Here’s the process of creating your bribe:

  • Pick a problem that’s specific and critical to your audience
  • Find one obstacle stopping people from solving that problem
  • Create a simple system or strategy to beat that obstacle like a boss

#4. Keep Your Eyes on Your Territory

Did you know 98% of your website visitors never contact you?

Yes, even with your compelling bribe and offers, most of your traffic goes to waste. People come and go without signing up. And the sad part is, you don’t even think to convert those people into your subscribers.

What if I told you could transform some of those anonymous visitors into leads – or even paying customers?

Well, you can – with the help of reverse DNS searching. From your analytics account, you can find the IP addresses of your visitors. Next, track down the companies behind those IPs and approach them with your products, services, and offers.

Here’s the process

  • Through IP addresses, you find the company’s details
  • Analyze the visiting patterns, pages visited, the right person to contact, and other significant information
  • Create great deals based on your findings
  • Approach to the prospect with the deal

Over to You

A smart entrepreneur understands that leads can make or break a new business.

And adopting the right strategy is even more crucial.

If you have a tight budget but want a better ROI and faster growth, these four techniques can be a game changer for you.

All you need to do is to implement them right.

Make it happen, before your start-up crushed by the competition in this cruel, competitive world.

Your future customers are waiting for you.


About the Author:

Munender Singh is a content strategist, B2B copywriter, and blogger. He helps startups and small businesses to find their voice and grow their customer base. Catch him on Twitter @msinghtweets