Renting a PO Box is a simple process that can be done in four quick steps!
Firstly, you need to pick a Post Office. It should be a location you’re easily able to go to, near your workplace or home.

When settled on a Post Office, it’s time to choose a PO Box size. Sizes vary from X-small to X-large, with the smallest holding up to 15 letters and the largest spacious enough to hold boxes and packages.

This step depends on the amount of mail you receive and how frequently you pick up your mail. The most common size is a small or medium PO Box; you can upgrade the size whenever needed.

Pricing of a PO Box depends on these two factors, your PO Box size, and location. Finally, you fill out the USPS Form 1583 to finalize your registration and provide two forms of ID, one must be a photo ID and the second must have your address.

You can rent your PO Box at the Post Office or online, from the USPS website. After registering, you get two keys for your PO Box.

The last step you need to take in order to start receiving mail and packages regularly at your new PO Box is to apply for a change of address. You can quickly get this done online or at the Post Office in just a few minutes. And just like that, you’ve got your PO Box set up and ready for mail!

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