With more than 700 million active users each month, Instagram doesn’t remain only a social network; it is the force which is to be reckoned with and the one which should be integrated with your business. 

Instagram is all about sharing visual content like photos. You can share graphically inspiring stories related to your business or company via photos. And as the other social media platforms put a lot of importance on their audio and video posts, Instagram is the ideal alternative platform which includes your marketing mix by easing the cross-posting content.

How to use Instagram for Business in a strategic way?

For those people who want to use Instagram for their business, here is the advanced guide which can help in building the identity of your brand on a platform of the Instagram and expand its followership.

So let’s have a closer look on the main steps which are required in setting up the Instagram account for the corporate purposes for getting down straight on the path of success.   

1.    Get the app:

Dissimilar to other social platforms, Instagram is an app based platform. So, go to the app store on your smartphone, and downloaded the app.

2.    Make your account with the help of your email id:

As you have to log in with your account on other social networks, similarly you need to make an account on Instagram but use your business email address for it.

3.    Select an identifiable username:

On the next window, you will be asked to choose the username and password, along with adding your profile photo. These are the basic and essential steps which play important role in making your brand identifiable to the people, so pick the appropriate username and display picture.

4.    Profile basics:

After this, you will be needed to include your contact number in your profile along with other personal details. If you own any business name, use it there. However, you can also use your name there. Other than this, use the phone number which you think your audience can access to easily. Keep in mind that you are required to increase the exposure of your business via these small tools provided by Instagram.

5.    Get the bearings:

As you have finally reached to the app, the first window which appears is the home screen. As you start following other people, their content will start to show up. Get a tour of the platform and get to know its environment.

6.    Set up the social sharing:

The most important step to set up the social sharing. Keep one thing in mind that Instagram is an excellent tool for using your photos at multiple platforms without doing a lot of efforts. Go ahead and click on the gear icon present on the top right corner and then choose the option of Linked Accounts for integrating your Instagram accounts with other social media networks.

7.    Use the features of social share:

Instagram has a nice way of helping in saving the time. By editing the photos by using the filters and then adding captions or hashtags to them can help the users to get to know your business. These are the most important features of Instagram which can boost up your business up to a successful level.

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No doubt, Instagram is the most colorful, expressive and the best visual based social media platform. You need to follow the basic tricks for building your business profile on Instagram and power it by using other amazing features and tools.


About the Author:

Qurban Shah is a freelance writer who offers blogging, copywriting, and ghostwriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for Vibbi.com, that provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.