If you think that a bachelor’s degree & some elbow-grease is all you need to succeed at work, then think again.  Here’s why cleanliness is the key to professional advancement:

It Organizes & Prioritizes

Like it or not, today’s technologically-bloated society is governed by first impressions.  From eBay to Tinder, people have become accustomed to letting their gut-reactions dictate the decisions that they make.

Now put yourself in your manager’s shoes: would you award more responsibility to the employee whose desk is covered with papers, old coffee cups, & candy wrappers? How can you expect someone to manage a new group or project when they cannot even manage their own workspace?

Cleanliness promotes organisation, and when you are organised, it is easier to keep your priorities in order.

It Relieves Stress

Do you know that feeling when you enter a room where the bed is made, the carpet is vacuumed, & the shelves are clutter-free? Since comfort is such a powerful stress repellent, keeping a tidy workspace will help you associate work with comfort. 

It is good for Your Body

Healthy employees are valuable employees—it’s that simple. People who rarely call out sick develop a reputation of being reliable, & when your employer knows that you are someone that they can depend on, they are more likely to promote you.

In addition, a clean workspace serves to enhance your quality of life outside of work.  Whether it’s in a truck, an office, an airplane, or an animal shelter, most people spend a minimum of 40 hours per week in their workspace.  If this area is a breeding ground for colds, fevers, & vertigo, then chances are that you will be just as sick on your days off as you are during your days on.

There is more to life than work, and the most attractive employers offer benefits (like paid vacation time) that promote a healthy work-life balance.  When the condition of your workspace causes you to get sick just in time for your scheduled vacation, your work-life model becomes unbalanced, causing disdain for the other end of the sea-saw.

Now that you are ready to tidy-up your workspace, here are some tips to get you started:

Commit Once A Week

Some of us are naturally prone to messiness: we don’t retrieve the cup that missed the garbage from the 3 – point line, we neglect to vacuum the floor until we drop enough skittles for it to be noticeable, and sometimes we forget to remove the ring stains from our desks.

Luckily for us procrastinators, it only takes 30 days to develop a habit.  By designating one day each week as your “cleaning day,” you will get used to maintaining a clean working area

Know the Essentials

Wipes, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizers are all essential tools that help to maintain a healthy work environment.  If you spend your working hours inside a vehicle, be sure to have a garbage pale on hand that you empty regularly; moreover, remember to vacuum and to replace your cabin filter periodically.