Impress Your Boss without Being a Yes-Man


It isn’t difficult to avoid being a ‘yes-man’ at work though that poses a problem for the many people who associate being a yes-man with ascending the hierarchy at work. Therefore the problem is how to impress one’s boss in order to work their way up the ladder without ‘sucking up’ and saying ‘yes’ when the answer should be ‘no’.

impress the boss

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 A new boss

The arrival of new management at work presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to work their way up the ladder in the workplace. Despite the names often given to those who are quick to make their new boss welcome – there’s a right and wrong way to go about this so avoid sucking up – the arrival of new management can make a significant difference to your career at that place of work and should be seen as such.

Making them feel welcome withoutsucking up

There’s no need to suck up to your new boss to make them feel welcome and there’s also no need to be a yes-man either. In fact, because your boss is new and you’ve been there longer you’re in a position in which to offer constructive advice even though it might contradict your boss’s intentions. Whilst some managers might not like to hear the word ‘no’, a good manager will stop for a minute to ask themselves why you’re advising something different and if they’re worth their salt they’ll ask you why that is. Making a new manager feel welcome at work isn’t the case of asking ‘how high’, but rather interacting with them in a polite, respectful manner and where applicable, offering advice and constructive criticism.

Disagreeing with a strategy

Because you’ve been there longer than your new boss there’s a very good chance that you possess insights that they as of yet lack. This means that if you disagree with a strategy they’re proposing you should inform them of your opposition to their proposal in a calm, professional manner by explaining why. Whilst it’s important to inform them of your opposition and on what grounds, you must also bear in mind that they’re in a senior position to you and that their word will generally be final. What’s more, by failing to discuss your opposition to the strategies they’re proposing in a calm, professional manner that affords them respect as a person and your senior, you’re putting your position at risk.

Gaining their respect

By discussing your opposition in a calm, confident and professional manner by explaining why you’re opposed to their proposal you’re sure to gain their respect, and you’re certainly not coming across as a yes-man so you also get to hold onto your own respect which is of course extremely important. Good managers like to hear the concerns of others, but they want those concerns addressed to them in the correct manner, which is to voice concerns with regard for their seniority – you can’t talk down to them or voice your concerns with others present in such a way that it detracts from their position as the manager i.e. boss.

For the benefit of all

Both you and your new boss can benefit from the advice and constructive criticism that you, as a member of staff who’s been there longer, can provide. Just as you recognise the benefits of receiving the right advice, like CV tips by Career Savvy when hunting for a new job, so too do they recognise the importance of receiving advice from someone who’s worked in that workplace for longer, though make sure that their position as your senior is never in doubt.

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