Older business buildings can pose a lot of security challenges to your company and employees because they usually only have limited, to no security systems. Many business owners believe that improving security in an older building means disruptive renovations. As long as the structure continues to meet fire and safety codes, you can make any older building secure without rebuilding it. Consider the following security improvements for your older building.
Add a Monitoring and Alarm System
Electronic monitoring and alarm systems including those that have motion sensors and cameras can usually be installed by a professional without opening up walls as long as all cables and wires are made inaccessible to the public by hiding them behind hard-to-breach raceways. Schedule an appointment with a local electrician or security system installer to inspect your building and give you an expert opinion.

Secure All Access Points
Sometimes you can secure regularly used doors, emergency exit doors, and windows without hiring a professional to do the installation. Purchase and install security bars on all of the building’s windows, doors, and air vent outlets. Additionally, depending on your industry, the security risk, and your budget, consider installing bullet-resistant glass and posting guard stations at entry points.

Assign Security ID Badges and Name Tags
When employees and visitors wear or carry security badges or name tags labeled with your business name and logo, these forms of identification tell security and other workers that people are moving throughout the building are members of your staff or approved visitors. Consider investing in security ID badges or Company Name Tags that employees and visitors must swipe or scan to enter the building. Contact a security photo ID badge or corporate name tag supplier, such as Naag Tag Name Tags to see what options are available to you.

Lock Valuables in Secure Areas
When you keep difficult-to-replace valuables at your business like computer servers that contain critical operations, financial and customer data or safes and vaults filled with expensive products and cash, secure these items in a windowless room that has a high-end security door and state-of-the-art keypad entry lock. To increase security for this room, give access to it to only a handful of trusted people from your security team and/or general staff.

Although some of these measures require an expensive upfront investment, any one of them is easy to implement and increase your business security immediately after installation. They lower the risk of losses that you would normally suffer after a theft or an attack in a non-secure older building.

Brooke Chaplan is a writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She enjoys blogging about a variety of topics and doing anything outdoors with fitness.