Having a hobby that earns you a bit of an extra money is an excellent way to boost your income whilst also enjoying yourself in your spare time. However, it still leaves you having to head out to work with the rest of the 9-5 drones every weekday, and that’s a lot of time to spend doing work that isn’t necessarily what you want to be doing, so wouldn’t it be better to make enough money from your hobby that it becomes your main job?

Of course, that’s easier said than done, but if you work hard enough, it’s something you can achieve. The first step towards this freedom from the rat race is to start using your income from your side hustle to cover your monthly expenses, starting off with the smallest one and increasing them one at a time. When you have got it all covered without needing your salary, well, you don’t need your salary or job anymore!

It will take some time to get to that stage, but there’s plenty you can be doing to work up to it, including networking with entrepreneurs and other self-starters to share advice, tips and make connections that might be useful in the future. Hopefully, you can also find a potential mentor who can offer you the guidance you need to grow your business, and you can also find these experts via LinkedIn’s Career Advice Hub.

One of the most important tips for people in your position is to focus your time on activities that will achieve something. Identify the 20% of your efforts that result in 80% of your results and spend your limited time (whilst still working your main job) on these rather than wasting time on unproductive tasks. If you can afford to get help from a virtual assistant or delegate to others, make sure you’re doing this.

It will take some time and a lot of effort, but with these tips from Quick Quid’s infographic, you really can turn your side hustle into a real job that pays your bills and makes you much happier.


About the Author:

Luke Doyle writes on behalf of NeoMam Studios and is based in Manchester, UK. When not sharing content, Luke’s passions include traveling and photography.