Did you know that a single unhappy employee could be costing your business up to $10,000 a year in lost productivity?  Disengaged employees are a huge financial burden to any business, with organisations everywhere paying salaries to unproductive and ineffective staff. In fact, the total loss – often in wasted salaries – to the US economy is estimated to be $350 billion every single year. Is that money your company can afford to spend?

Unfortunately, employee engagement levels have reached crisis point worldwide, with just 13% of the world’s workforce feeling actively engaged with their jobs. These few who are engaged are stellar employees – they’re productive and innovative, and most importantly they’re committed to their organisation and to helping it succeed. They’re the employees you need to drive your business forward. But for the remaining 87%, it’s a totally different story.  Actively disengaged employees will do the most damage to your business, as their entirely negative attitude towards work means they’ll spend the working day wasting time and getting very little done. But even employees who are somewhat disengaged can have an impact, as they’ll put in less effort and lack creativity and passion, and therefore won’t perform to the best of their ability. 

If you think you’re spending money on unhappy and underperforming staff, don’t fear. There are ways to remedy this and bring your employees back onboard. Take a look at the infographic below to find out exactly what’s making employees dissatisfied with their jobs and how you can re-engage your staff to build a more effective workforce.

About the author

Becca Armstrong-Benson is a content writer at Mad Max Adventures, a carefully designed and purpose built activity center near Edinburgh in Scotland, offering outdoor experiences and team-building days, including archery, quad-biking, and clay pigeon hunting.