Considering ditching offline marketing tactics completely? Unsure what you get back from all the hours spent on social media?

Offline and online marketing can be two distinct promotional channels however, dovetailing your marketing activities can increase rewards for your business.

Advertising has changed. Online advertising is not just about selling, but connecting and engaging with your audience. Offline promotion is just as important for building trust.

Choosing where you spend you marketing budget is important and thus understanding where your customers are at is essential if any of your promotional material is going to succeed.

Taking data and information from a variety of sources, the infographic highlights where companies and businesses of all sizes are spending their marketing budget. It highlights were money is being spent but more importantly, the return of investment on these offline and online channels.

Effectively, the device that potential customers use to surf the web and what influences their buying decisions will vary – but there may be a few surprises in the statistics too.

Understanding how and why you need your online and offline promotional activities to synch together is important too. By not doing one, dropping it in favour of another, you could be alienating a whole a whole raft of customers.

What also may surprise you is the popularity of some of the offline channels that some businesses are no longer using – again, effectively by-passing a large chunk of potential customers. Trust is a key ingredient in the recipe of marketing success: what offline medium do you think customers trust the most?

About the Author:

James Trotter, Marketing Assistant at online print company Colour Graphics, works with a range of clients on all kinds of promotional and advertising strategies and products, believing that marrying online and offline marketing is a partnership made in marketing heaven.

Ignoring the offline channels in favour of using online channels only has proven to be an unsuccessful move, with many businesses as a result, turning to Colour Graphics for printed advertising campaigns.