Every year, the recruitment industry just keeps on surprising with trends. However, before jumping on trends, it’s important to be knowledgeable of legitimate trends and not just fads in the industry. Whether you’re aiming for employee engagement or retention, there’s a trend that you can apply for that.

If your company is looking to shake things up with regards to the recruitment process, one of the most prominent trends for 2018 is to monitor your employee’s well being. Gone are the days of burning the midnight oil every single day. Now, employees have the privilege to take breaks at their will.

Suddenly, terms like “peace of mind” and “relaxation” are part of a company’s vocabulary. Software and systems are being set up to monitor and assess an employee’s health and well being in the company and in general. This is part of the perks and benefits that would make an applicant sign on the dotted line.

This type of trend attracts applicants because of how companies see the effect of giving importance to health and wellness. Companies witness that productivity, performance, and even company culture are improving.

Aside from the usual HMO and leaves allotted, companies are expanding their health and accident insurance to the non-traditional conditions.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t be afraid of how these trends will dominate the human aspect of recruitment such as the continued emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Repeatedly, experts have expressed their ideas regarding AI.

They’ve said that AI only aims to remove biases and protects the processes from committing errors. At the end of the day, this will only allow human recruiters to improve their skills and quicken the turnaround time of some tasks.

In this infographic by Manila Recruitment, learn more about the different recruitment trends you should be prepared for in 2018.

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