It is amazing to see how technology has changed our daily course of living. In our 21st-century world that strongly demands efficiency and productivity, there is no doubt that the present-day technological miracles are big factors to achieve the said results. And truth to be told, many of us nowadays can’t even last without using our smartphones, chat apps and of course, the internet.

But beyond these superficial technologies that individuals are more prone to use each day, businesses have more important things to consider when adapting to new technologies and alike. Beyond luxury and the chance to explore the vast world of the internet, business owners use technology to further streamline their operations and get their brand message across their target market. That is why many of companies today- either big or small- are far more concerned about the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a certain technology rather than its fancy features or popularity in the end market.

Considering the immense number of technology vendors offering a humungous amount of almost identical tools for businesses nowadays, it is quite baffling for business owners- especially for small business owners- to evaluate and see which of these tools really matter to stay afloat in the competition. Because these technologies usually come with a hefty price tag, it is important to choose the most effective ones and will stay relevant or can address the different issues in the current and future situation of the market.

Thankfully, this visually-enticing infographic from The Service Manager has given us the list of some technologies that will help small business to gain a competitive advantage in today’s tightly competitive market. Take a look at the infographic below and identify which of the tools presented will gain much traction in this year’s small business landscape.