Could you be doing more to win favour with customers and prospects simply by being creative with your work environment?

work environment

First impressions count right? We all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Obviously I’m taking it for granted that you have a cleaner, the office is neat and tidy and that if the decor is looking tired you will arrange for it to have a lick of paint.

I’m sure that when it comes to your brand you have spent time talking about your USP’s, exploring how best to communicate your benefits and creating compelling and persuasive discussions during the all important ‘sales’ conversations. But how does your brand look to the outside world? How do you want your clients and suppliers to feel when they visit you? How can you ensure that your clients get a warm welcome when they come into the office to visit you?

 Make your warm welcome even warmer…

reception area


Whether you have a front of house dedicated receptionist or a ‘meet and greet’ informal waiting area, make sure your clients first impressions of your business are as follows:

  • Clean – a tidy space is a tidy mind, cleanliness is crucial to making a good impression. If you wanted to take this one step further you could supply some branded hand sanitizer for freshening up or lip balm.
  • Share your brand – keep branded golf umbrellas in your foyer, so if the heavens open they can grab one and go (literally taking your brand with them).
  • Sweeten them up – leave a bowl of branded individually wrapped sweets or branded retro sweets or chocolate to take away.
  • Be prepared – have promotional products such as sticky pads at the ready so they can take down the all important messages they need to leave for your colleagues or take away as an action note to self.
  • Informative – frame any awards you have won, newspaper coverage you have received, staff training, certificates, anything that will give your company a personality and promote how professional you all are.
  • Brand it – literally anything and everything you have on show in your reception area make sure it is branded. Choose your favourite mugs and brand them with your logo, be proud of them and have a few on display. Leave a pot of your finest branded pens on display in reception and be sure that visitors know they can help themselves.

 What does your meeting room say about your business?

Meeting room


Is it cluttered, and messy and used as a dumping ground for excess stock? If yes, a simple tidy through and setting some rules to keep it tidy could help go a long way to ensuring your customers see you as the professional dynamic company that you are.

Ideally you should use your meeting room as a platform for your sales messages, the visitors that come in will be focussed on the dialogue but they will be gazing around the room so when they gaze make sure you capture them with some interesting facts about your business. If you want your office to look really slick and leave a strong impression consider using glassware with your company’s logo engraved into it, and don’t forget the fabulous mugs.

If you want to go all out, and leave a sweet taste in their mouths, why not impress them with your own branded packets of biscuits. This extra attention to detail could really set you apart from your competitors.

Keep it classy offsite

If you are inviting prospects and clients to attend a training course, but this is based off site it is really important that you use as many ways as you can to keep their focus and remind them of your own business, your brand and your ethos. This can easily be done by supplying your visitors with good quality branded conference folders, conference bags, notepaper inserts, pens, usb memory sticks or if you really want to be seen as cutting edge you could give them branded power banks to take away.

Promotional flash drive

Whilst these items are important to make a good impression, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Recently a client of ours ordered some lightweight paper aeroplanes, these were positioned on each delegates seat and during the presentation when the audience was asked to participate they threw the aeroplanes across the room. This was a bit of fun and created excellent audience participation.

Be your own audience

When it comes to your brand, you can tell me a handful of unique selling points, a cluster of benefits but to me it is the small things that can make a difference. Everybody wants to be greeted with a smiley face, a tidy space and gentle professional reminders of the company you are visiting. Take a look around your own office and if you think it could be improved upon, take time to make those changes it could make a real difference to your bottom line in the long run.

PA Promotions wish you well promoting your brand through your place of work, don’t be afraid to invest because often a little can go a long way to creating a good impression which will last a very long time.


Author Bio: Lisa WorlandCreative Director of PA Promotions