In this day and age, the process of education as well as job search has also gone through vast changes. Technological advancements have changed the way we do everything. So, it is natural that we also need to prepare for our job hunts. Especially if you look deeper into the most competitive MBA courses, the ones that require extremely high GMAT scores. You will also find that they are not only focusing on these scores. Since the competition is high and almost everyone is applying into these top colleges, they need something extra to screen the applicants and shortlist a few of them for the final round of interviews.

Under such circumstances, they take the help of the internet. They check the digital footprint of the person. Nowadays everyone has profiles in social networks, individual blogs, and various other types of online presence. If you are still living in a time warp and do not have any of these, you are at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, there is no other way to put this softly. You must work towards building your online presence. Start with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Personalize them and clean up what you wouldn’t want other’s to see, primarily, because they’re going to  judge who you are. In fact, you should even work towards building a video resume to offer a clear idea about not only your achievements and qualifications but also your personality. It will need a lot of preparation and hard work to pull off the same, nevertheless, the following infographic should be a good starting point as it offers some convincing statistics and offers a clear roadmap for the things to be done.    

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Job Hunting In the Digital Age: Reputation, Resumes & Video Interviews

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