Motivation is a funny beast. It can come and go in waves, dependent mostly on the environment around you and what happens in your daily life. It can be especially reminiscent of a roller coaster when it comes to the office environment. Where one day can see great highs, while the next introduces you to a new low.

As a factor, it is extremely important to work ethic and producing the highest quality work possible. It’s also something you need to work towards in order to keep employee turnover as low as possible.

So, how can you help to ensure that your workers are as motivated as possible in their day to day work lives?

Show Clear Progression

If you do not offer a clear path of progression, many of your workers may feel unmotivated to work hard in order to progress in your organization. They may see it is a dead end and eventually look for a sought-after promotion outside of your business. Being open in regards to progression opportunities is the only way to combat such pre-conceived notions.

Employee turnover is never higher in places where promotions are scarce or come with no increase in responsibility or remuneration. Even being able to offer training opportunities or the learning of new skills can mean the world of difference, as it can help with the feeling of progression even if it is not in regards to the job role.

Be Supportive

Sometimes it is simply knowing that your employer is there for you when it comes to a sticky situation – an unhappy client for example – which makes a world of difference in motivation levels. Feeling like you will be immediately put in the firing line is actually more of a relief to your staff than you might think.

Encouraging new learning experiences, methods of doing their job and other such support can help to make motivation skyrocket.

Team Build

There are a lot of people that hate team building exercises and the idea of ‘bonding’ with their coworkers. But, these events have become a staple of many businesses for an important reason: they work.

A day or two every six months or so can help your employees gel together more, making the work they do that much more cohesive and of a higher quality. It can be as simple as a quiz or something more complicated such as tower building – whatever engages your team the most!


It may sound simple, but this can actually be much more difficult for a company to achieve than you may think. Simply telling your employees certain facts can remove the rumour mill in the workplace, as well as provide you with a reputation for honesty.

Positivity Breeds Positivity

When you spend the majority of your day in an office, a negative environment can be very draining and hard to handle over a long period of time. It can lead to a number of serious side effects, even depression in some employees.

Poor leadership and overall company dysfunction are the most common root causes of a negative work environment. The symptoms are a general apathy towards work, sullen atmosphere and the eventual leaving of many employees.

Show Appreciation

Sometimes, appreciation can come in the shape of a bonus, other times it can be a simple email thanking them for their hard work during a difficult project. Often, it doesn’t matter in what form this appreciation comes, but that it happens at all that is important to your employee.

When spending 40+ hours in one environment on a weekly basis, it can be just nice to feel like someone is actually grateful for what you do there. That little ‘thank you’ really does stretch a longer way than you might think.

Overall, helping to keep your employees motivated comes down to creating a positive work environment which can prompt better satisfaction in employees. The more satisfied employees are, the more motivated they are overall and likely to stick around.

About the Author:

Zack Halliwell is a freelance writer in the business niche, promoting a healthier workplace both physically and mentally for all. He works closely with a ventilation systems company to help promote a healthy work environment.