A commercial security system is not a cost, but an investment. While most business owners and facilities managers know just how important it is to have a full-featured security system that monitors for and detects a wide variety of threats, they also know how much the protection can cost out of pocket. Justifying the cost when the business has not yet experienced a potential loss can be difficult. Not all security systems are the same, and not all providers charge the same price. Here are some ways to determine if your business security is worth what you are spending.

System Capabilities

A basic security system may have nothing more than sensors at entryways that will trigger the alarm to sound. There are the more robust systems that have window sensors, laser sensors throughout the entire facility, fire sensors, motion sensors, CCTV video cameras, and more. All will detect a long list of threats that prevent intrusions and prevent other types of catastrophic loss. Assessing the system capabilities and what you consider a solid security system is crucial. Decide what is critical for your business and location and use that to narrow down what you want to spend on.

Considering the Ongoing Costs

Not only do you need to consider the cost to purchase the components and install them professionally, you must also look at the cost to maintain the system and have it monitored. Sure, the initial costs may be high when you must purchase advanced hardware and wiring that you yourself cannot install, but someone has to keep these systems up and running as well. A security system is only an effective deterrent if it is well rounded, managed, and monitored from month to month.

How Much is the System Saving You in the End?

You know insurance is a must when you have a business location, regardless of whether you rent or own the property. While commercial property insurance can be expensive, there are ways to save money by minimizing the likelihood of having a loss. One way to minimize the risk is to have a security system that prevents burglaries, fire, vandalism, and more. Since insurers reward companies for minimizing risk, you can receive a sizable discount. In some circumstances the discount can pay for a large chunk of the system costs.

For a system to really do its job, employees need to be trained to use it. This is why companies who make the investment need to schedule routine training so employees can establish safe habits. Programs like Global Learning Systems will offer trainings in a variety of their products from online to physical security. With the right components, the right policies, and the right leaders, you can keep your business property and belongings secure.

Brooke Chaplan is a writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She enjoys blogging about a variety of topics and doing anything outdoors with fitness.