Have you already installed security cameras in most of the areas, but still, all this does not seem to be enough? And now, there is no more budget left to invest into security cameras any further.

Well, if you have a similar concern and are keen on protecting your home or business premises completely, then this post will provide you with all the unanswered queries and in-hand solutions!

Now, let’s come straight to the question that I’m sure would be resonating in your mind until now:

What can be done?

An easy way is to install dummy security cameras! Yes, you heard it right! Dummy cameras are a potential way to keep the criminals at bay, and without shedding an enormous amount of money. Plus, you will be happy to know that generally, it is hard to figure out whether a security camera is fake or not! These cameras are designed in such a way that they look real, in spite of the fact that they are not real at all. As a matter of fact, these cameras come with various features in multiple designs, allowing people to choose in accordance with their individual requirements.

You can boost the effectiveness of your existing security cameras to a large extent with the help of their fake counterparts. Let’s get to know some of the many advantages that these lookalike cameras can offer:

Affordability: The best part of positioning a pseudo camera is that it gives you protection at pocket-friendly prices! They are available at a far lower price, unlike a real surveillance camera. And, as already said that it is pretty hard to differentiate between a real and its replica.

Better than no safety at all: Ah! How can we forget the popular notion that something is always better than nothing! When you can’t shell out a large sum of money on actual security cameras, then, replicas come to the rescue. A shoplifter, for instance, is most likely not to enter a shop protected by CCTV cameras (apparently cameras are there, and he would not know whether they are working or not). Thus, placing replicas is a much better option than not having one at all!

No Maintenance: The good news is that these fake versions do not demand any good care as well. So, you are saved from the hassle of constantly spending on its maintenance. Just an occasional cleaning is all that is required.

Smart Way Out: Even if you already have surveillance cameras, you can still reap the benefits of the duplicate units. These dummy cameras can fuel up your safety by projecting your home/office as a highly secured area. The view of the cameras at all the critical places will actually make sure to scare away all the criminals!

Improved employee efficiency: Dummy cameras help in elevating employees’ efficiency as well. When they know that they are constantly observed, it is obvious that they would remain productive and not steal time!

Not easily recognizable: The plus point of replicas is that even the most experienced thieves cannot easily make out whether the cameras are real or not. Thus, you are secured, and they are afraid!

Fake cameras are certainly an effective measure to curb vandalism, theft, etc. However, it is quite important to get real security as well and not completely rely on an illusion. Dummy cams can trick and keep away the criminals, but they cannot provide any authentic proof in case some clever intruder outsmarts them and steals away. Thus, it is advisable to have real security cameras with their pseudo versions. But, if you can’t afford actual ones, then the dummies can undoubtedly prove to be of great help in most of the circumstances! Don’t forget the already mentioned fact that ‘Something is better than nothing.’

You may also supplement the dummy camera with a burglar alarm to get real security from a fake one!

Hope this article was worth reading!

About the Author: 

Acknowledged for his security acumen, Ted Yu is an active blogger, gadget wizard, and an eminent speaker. He has more than 10 years of experience. Ted has been a pertinent contributor to the security industry. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well-renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.  Ted boasts for paramount and credible products only, with Revo’s being his favorite.