The turn of the New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your office space. Is it working for you? Does it include everything you need? Do you feel comfortable within your office space, or is it a nonfunctional, boring place to be? Here are some remodeling ideas you may not have considered.

Everything Ergonomic

If you spend a substantial amount of time in your office, it may be time to consider your office design from the perspective of health. People who spend a lot of time sitting down in their office can suffer from back problems. Those who devote a lot of time on computer sometimes have pain in their fingers and wrist. Both of these maladies can often be solved by correcting posture with the right office furniture.

Ergonomic furniture is designed to encourage correct posture at your desk. Ergonomic chairs support the back, spine and neck, and put your body into the correct position in relation to your desk and keyboard, so that strain on the fingers and wrist is minimized.

Serenity Defined

For those in the designing arts, such as architecture, there is often a craving for a quiet office space, someplace that encourages concentration, without distractions. The key here is to pay attention to interior design colors. Light blue combined with soft white promotes a quieter mood and encourages concentration. You might also want to consider installing a larger window over a scenic view, or an indoor water feature, both of which have a calming effect.

Scheduled Timeout

Busy upper level executives, particularly those who travel a lot, often don’t spend enough time at rest. Lack of sleep affects productivity, though, so it should be considered in office design. Depending on what your work schedule looks like, consider installing a comfortable cushioned couch, or even a pullout bed, for an occasional needed nap. This quiet area can be concealed behind a movable bookcase door, if you don’t want to appear unprofessional to business customers.

Snazzy Sparkle

Glass railing has a crystalline look that makes any business office appear cleaner, smarter, and more professional. It can be combined with glass staircase and gold edging, for a modern touch with dramatic eye appeal. Glass railing can be used as a border around your work space, on an interior balcony, or on an upper level floor overlooking the one below it (Source: Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc.).

Considering the amount of time most people spend in their office, redesigning can be a wise investment. Your office is your second home, and it should be someplace where you enjoy working.

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