As much as we sometimes wish they didn’t, appearances do matter a lot in business. From everything from a job interview to the state of your office, people make quick judgments based on appearances. It’s simply human nature. Fortunately, this natural inclination can also work to your advantage. Read on to discover four of the updates your business space might seriously need.

Energy Efficient Upgrades
If you’re interested in saving a lot of money on energy costs, go for more energy efficient options when the time comes to remodel or replace fixtures. These changes can be something as simple as switching to more energy efficient lighting to something as major as new windows. Not only is this good for the environment, but it’s also good for your finances. You’ll save money on energy bills and be able to take advantage of green tax credits.

Exterior Displays
Whether they’re on your front windows, right behind them, on the exterior walls or tables out front, exterior displays help bring foot traffic into your business. Even if your business does not rely on foot traffic, these displays still look aesthetically pleasing and can perhaps even make your business look more professional. Adding some sort of shade sail or awning, like these from G.C. Sutherland, and some benches could be a great way to give yourself a classic new look.
Having an attractive front for your business also serves the purpose of increasing brand awareness in people who see it, which is always a good thing – you want people to have your business on their mind.

New carpeting can really breathe life into an office space. If the carpets or flooring in your business is old, worn or stained, it’s time to replace them, and replacing them will do wonders for making your business look new and clean again. Carpets that are beginning to bunch can be more than just unsightly – they can be a dangerous trip hazard and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Sometimes something as simple as rearranging the layout of your office can have a profound effect. Removing cubicles in favor of more open space can increase productivity and collaboration, and shake off any gloomy office vibes. Rearranging seating can put employees who work well together closer and employees who don’t get along farther apart, thus instantly creating a more positive office environment. Moving things around or throwing them out can create more open space, which also leaves a good impression on both your customers and your employees.

Updating your business space can come with a lot of benefits. It can make your employees happy as well as impress your customers and draw their attention. You’ll get new customers and new business, and happier employees, which will decrease costly employee turnover. Definitely, consider any or all of the updates mentioned above to improve the impression your business gives at first glance.