Starting your own small business can be a slow affair. Of course, most of the time you see yourself racing around, meeting suppliers or potential investors and solving all sorts of unforeseen problems, but the actual functioning of the business – and in particular, that long-awaited profit margin – can be a long time coming. If you find yourself worried while you’re waiting to turn a profit, but you don’t have the time or the inclination to take a second job, there are still plenty of ways you can make some extra grocery money on those rare evenings and Sundays that you have free.

In fact, it can be rather therapeutic to work on something else for a while. For instance, you might want to make an inventory of the stuff you have clogging up your house and put it to work for you while you’re busy with your new business. This can involve selling unwanted stuff on eBay, or renting out your cobweb-covered tools on NeighborGoods. Maybe you have some designer clothes you never have time to wear anymore but which you can’t quite bring yourself to auction off (after all, you’re going to need them for all those Entrepreneur Of The Year ceremonies). You can actually rent these out too, via a site called StyleLend.

And when you’ve finally eBayed away all that junk taking up your spare room, it is of course time to put it up on AirBnB. This can be one of the quickest ways to get a spendable chunk of cash in your (virtual) pocket and fits in well with the self-employed entrepreneur’s freedom to come and go at all hours (to let people in and see them off).

In case none of these quite feel like the right fit for you, you’ll find a whole range of alternatives in this new visual guide to the side-hustle. They make for great options when you want to hurry that first million along.